Uganda Top 200 Hundred Homosexuals Named in Newspaper


A Ugandan newspaper has named 200 individuals accused of being gay as reported by The Sydney Herald. The article names both; people who are openly homosexual as well as people who have not been confirmed as homosexual. The article comes on the heels of President Yoweri Museveni’s signature of a law that makes homosexuality illegal in Uganda.

Uganda is a nation with zero tolerance for homosexuality, this past Monday President Yoweri Museveni signed a law that would lead to life in prison if a person is found participating in gay sex or same-sex marriage. The law also incriminates anyone that promotes acts of homosexuality. President Museveni previously stated that he would not sign the bill until further scientific evidence was provided, evidence that would suggest whether a person was born homosexual or became homosexual. Museveni told CNN news that he was not aware until recently what homosexual men did; acts that he believes are terrible and disgusting. During their interview, he also states that he would have ignored their actions if there had been genetic proof that supported the theory that a person is born homosexual. According to Museveni, his scientist found no link between homosexuality and genetics, a finding that supports his evangelical Christian believes.

In 2011, a gay rights leader was beat to death in front of his home after a Ugandan newspaper printed 100 names and addresses of homosexual people, along with their photos and a banner that read “Hang Them.” Now with the printing of a list containing 200 names and addresses of homosexuals, as well as photos on the cover, homosexuals will be further persecuted. The Netherlands, Denmark and Norway have cut their aid to Uganda in response to the Top 200 hundred homosexuals published names, and the bill that makes homosexuality illegal. According to Global Humanitarian Assistance, Uganda was the 34th largest recipient of humanitarian aid. And it is part of the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC), a debt relief initiative sponsored by 187 out of the 193 members of the United Nations.

Musevini was held with high esteem in 1990s by the West for his leadership of Uganda. He has been president since 1986 and during that time he successfully campaign against AID’s, privatized state enterprise, cut government spending, and promoted college education for women. He also served with a female vice-president for 10 years. Yet during the past couple of years Mesevini has been under fire for moving away from the Western beliefs. He is on his fourth term as president, a feat accomplished through abolishing presidential terms in 2006. Musevini has also allegedly been involved in corruption, has limited the freedom of press, and has now permitted the printing of a list containing the names of 200 homosexuals in Uganda.

Musevini has pronounced that Uganda does not need assistance from the West, and that they have been quiet about their opinions of how the people of the West live. Therefore, the West should now be quiet, and stay out of Ugandan issues. He believes that it is now time to listen to Uganda. By signing a bill making homosexuality illegal, and permitting a list of 200 names and addresses of homosexuals be printed in the newspaper in order to face persecution, Musevini has forced the West to listen.

By Dony Lugo


The Sydney Morning Herald




Global Humanitarian Assistance

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