Video Rental Overdue? Go Straight to Jail!


Video rental overdue, straight to jail!  Wait…what’s the charge?  Petty larceny!  Kayla Finley, 27, was detained overnight for failure to return a video cassette.  Not returning the romantic comedy Monster-in-Law, starring Jennifer Lopez, cost Finley a night in the slammer.  The young woman journeyed to the police station to file charges of harassment and stalking.  To her dismay, she was informed that a warrant had been placed and she was under arrest.

Renting the movie Monster-in-Law turned out to be a monster of a nightmare.  Finley rented the movie in 2005 from Dalton Videos.  The video store had closed down, leaving one dangling, rolling reel….a warrant!  The owner requested a warrant be placed on Finley nine years ago.  Chief Deputy Creed Hashe attempted to clarify why the overdue video is an arrestable offense.  Hashe said the overdue video crook was repeatedly sent certified letters asking for her surrender.  The more detail that continues to be released, the more comical the story becomes.  At this point, Finley may as well be stuck in a real life Monopoly game.  “The card is Community Chest; go directly to jail for an overdue video rental!”

Finley has received support through the Facebook page of local Fox news. She has not yet been reachable through social media, but women viewing her mug shot have posted several comments.  The comments posted on the Fox Carolina News Facebook page seem to be in support of Finley.  The comments posted by the woman assumed to be Finley were justifications to her actions.  The video heister stated, “I went to the police station to press charges of harassment and stalking. Not once did I ever receive anything regarding this . If I had, it would have been taken care of immediately.  Some of you need to quit (judging) like you are. This is a bogus charge and everyone knows it.”  Finley insisted that she is “no criminal,” but Pickens County Sheriff’s office made sure she felt like one.  Obviously “pickens” are slim in Pickens County when an overdue rental makes someone a criminal.

What constitutes a criminal these days?  Officers are now protecting the people against those dangerous video thieves.  These individuals are armed and concealing unrewound video cassettes. The offenders are known to possess videos that are non-playable with today’s technology.  It is believed that the head of the overdue rental has expanded into 8-tracks.

The ridiculousness that this young woman will have to explain larceny on a background check is absolutely preposterous.  The unsolved mystery is  what criminals have not been captured? With babies missing, murders, rapes, molestations, serial killings, shootings, and robberies occurring daily, this should be the focus.  If there is time to apprehend someone for an overdue video rental, this is clearly not the focus.  There are many times officers make extremely difficult judgment calls.  This particular time, the judgement seems to be obliterating the Richter Scale.  Not one individual in the Pickens County Sheriff’s office could muster enough power to override this decision.  What is very disturbing is that this is classified as a crime.  Overdue video rentals should not receive a go-straight-to-jail message.  Rap sheets will grow at alarming rates with the set of this precedent.

Satire by Ebony Waller


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