Walking Dead Returns With Focus on Character Development

walking deadThe Walking Dead returns to AMC Sunday for the second half of the fourth season. The loss of Hershel has left a hole on their hearts, but as the characters escape from the prison that offered them a certain level of security, the focus shifts to character development, including new characters.

In the last episode of The Walking Dead, the characters all dispersed with no plan to return to the prison. They all experienced a huge loss. Hershel ‘s decapitation will have a profound effect on each of the remaining characters, as he developed a close relationship with many of them and became a voice of reason for Rick. Rick and Carl also believe that the baby, Judith, is dead. The focus will shift now from escaping the Governor’s wrath to deeper character development. Producers have shared some of Rick’s back-story as a sheriff, but this season will allow viewers a look at the past lives of characters like Michonne, who fans know very little about.

Furthermore, there will be a closer look at the dynamics between all of the characters who have been split up. Rick and Carl’s relationship will get much of the attention, but the show will also highlight how each of the smaller couples and groups of people get by on their own in a world filled with zombies.

Parts of Robert Kirkman’s comic book series on the Walking Dead have been included on the TV series, though everything is not exactly the same since the writers aim to keep the audience guessing. Now three of his comic book characters will join the cast of the show.

Abraham Ford and his two sidekicks, Dr. Eugene Porter and Rosita Espinoza, are first expected to appear at the end of the 10th episode of season four, titled The Inmates. It is set to air on Feb. 16. Though the group from the prison scattered after their safety zone was destroyed and the threat of the Governor no longer lingered, they still face imminent danger.

The new characters, played by Michael Cudlitz, Josh McDermitt and Christian Serratos, will add a new dynamic to The Walking Dead. If the characters are the same as they are portrayed in the comics, the group is about to meet an interesting trio.

Ford was a U.S. Army sergeant and sports coach before the apocalypse. He drove his family away with his fits of anger, and later found his wife and two kids dead. Porter was a high school teacher who serves as a post-apocalyptic scientists. He claims to know what causes people to turn into zombies and is on his way to Washington, D.C. to share this information. Espinoza started the apocalypse trading sex for protection from the zombies. She is Ford’s romantic interest who struggles to find her independence.

As The Walking Dead returns, many of the loose ends will be tied up as well. Viewers will find out if Carol is still alive and whether she will come in contact with the group and how they would react to her. They will also get concrete evidence if Judith is dead or alive. Answers about the radio signal that Daryl picked up in the car and who was responsible for putting the rats through the fence are to come as well, though the main focus will now turn to character development.

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