Xbox One Losing Console War

Xbox OneIt is no secret Xbox One is losing the console war between it and counterpart playstation 4. Microsoft has since been developing a series of marketing strategies to help win the edge in the video-game console wars. The strategies have consisted from branching out to social media outlets, to rumors of a cheaper, more affordable version of Xbox One. Although a two-tier pricing system was seen with the release of Microsoft’s Xbox360, that proved pretty successful for them, the shocking new detail of the cheaper version is the lack of a optical disk drive.

We have seen Mac eliminate its disk-drives with their MacBooks, as a way of forcing the consumer to incorporate purchasing through their online stores. Microsoft would be mimicking this with their digital only console, forcing their consumers to download games, after purchasing them from Microsofts online store. The profit margins from eliminating a middle-man allows for Microsoft to be more competitive and release a digital-only version of Xbox One for $399, compared to the tier-one starting at $499.

Although some game console enthusiasts are excited about the digital downloads granting them not having to leave their virtual worlds to buy games, or wait for them in the mail, voices have been heard arguing Microsoft could have removed the Xbox Kinect package feature from the purchase. Critics of the package argue the Kinect feature is an unnecessary part of the deal that drives up the price, but Xbox has admitted that is has invested to much of its energy and resources into the development of Xbox Kinect, and has made the use of the product the nucleus of the operating system. Although Xbox One has been performing pretty well, Microsoft is not a company that likes to be in second.

Recent rumors have been circulating online gaming forums, with assumptions regarding Microsoft’s campaign to beat its rival Playstation 4. The online trolls are chatting about plans to launch multiple novel versions of the Xbox One throughout this upcoming year. As it stands, the Xbox One is a sleek black, blue ray compatible machine, reminiscent of the very first Xbox. The $399 Xbox One is suppose to be available in a new “pearl white,” sleeker, cleaner and more attractive. Microsoft is also expected, for limited edition Titanfall console bundles for purchase as well, a new game hoping to create a following and legacy as the new Halo.

It is hard to pinpoint one reason why the Sony Playstation 4 is beating the Xbox One in this generation’s console war. Gaming speculators believe there are 3 reasons: territory release, price, and Xbox Kinect. The Xbox one is reported to only been released in roughly 13 territories, while the Playstation 4 was released in 48 territories. The PS4 was even released a week earlier than Xbox One. The price of the Playstation 4 starts at $400 dollars, whereas the Xbox One is listed at $499. Although the price is relatively $100, the lower, more lucrative price has helped Sony sell more console systems even if only by a small factor.

Last of all, the Xbox One Kinect is largely mistrusted by Microsoft enthusiasts. A product of the times, people are not comfortable with a U.S. manufactured system constantly monitoring their living space with an audio and visual recorder. The voice activated and facial recognition controls only function if the Kinect system is left on to operate permanently. It is all these lingering doubts that keep the Xbox One losing the console war.

Opinion By Zane Foley





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  1. Reg   February 7, 2014 at 3:35 am

    MS have made many mistakes, but the biggest is not having numerous Kinect games at launch. It’s integral to the system but its missing the WOW factor in games. Simple stuff like being able to throw a grenade with a hand movement or whistling to distract a guard you’re trying to get past. It has huge potential but its not yet being implemented. I believe it will meet it’s potential and that is why I am choosing Xbox over PS4 (as well as media features which are useful to me), despite its graphical flaws.

    The “console war” is very tiresome to be honest. I wish I could look up information without having to wade through a barrage of “mine is better than yours”. It really isn’t news. Xbox One is selling well. If it wasn’t selling then you’d have some news to write about. how about an article on how both consoles are booming? how they have differences but both have their advantages over the other? that’s the facts. how about some facts internet?

  2. Silvester   February 4, 2014 at 8:29 am

    Say what you want but I love my ONE!!!!!! It’s a real Next Gen system that does much more then just play games…I will get a PS4 when they have more then just Infamous to be excited about……best system and games ONLY ON XBOX ONE!!!!##


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