Adoption Goes Techno


Adoption Goes Techno is the way by which many the world over choose to parent. Although personal reasons for choosing adoption vary from infertility to just simply wanting to experience the joy of adding another child to the family by these means, it has been common practice for hundreds of years.

Many a proud parent has been made from the loving gift of life that the birth mother gave her child through adoption. Everyday, society changes and therefore, so do the cultural norms. Many women find themselves in situations in which they are experiencing an unwanted pregnancy each day. If mothers decide they cannot go through a pregnancy, they have often turned to abortion to end the fear and stress they are experiencing.

Sometimes, these decisions are not made from fear or unpreparedness. There are many reasons why a birth mother simply does not feel she can follow through with a pregnancy, including risks to her and/or the baby’s health. In light of this, people are beginning to realize that there are other options besides extinguishing the fragile life growing inside them.

With a lot of love and an equal amount of ingenuity, scientists have established a way to make technology work in the favor of mothers who are experiencing a crisis pregnancy. They call it “embryo adoption”. This incredible process instantly yields the desired results for everyone involved. Doctors can now extract the embryo from the birth mother and transfer it into the uterus of the adoptive mother or a surrogate.

This miraculous process relieves the mother of her responsibility and allows the adoptive mother to take over even before birth. This also gives many the chance to carry their adoptive baby, which is the realization of their original dream- to have a child of their own. Infertility can cause many negative emotions for parents who long for a child. If the situation allows, adoption can occur prior to birth and the adoptive parents can experience all the joys that come along with bearing a child. Due to the advancements of technology adoption has become so much easier for adoptive parents.

This also alleviates the birth mother of any reservations she might have about abortion. Generally, mothers choose abortion because they feel they have no other choice; however, with the wealth of scientific knowledge, this allows the birth mother to relieve herself of the pregnancy, which is the only goal of abortion anyway. Life is miraculous and a mother who can give that great gift, has really done the most loving thing for her child.

This method has been tested to be highly effective and safe. Those who choose this route enjoy a high success rate, giving birth to happy, healthy children. There are always skeptics and naysayers, who feel that these embryos would be better put to use in scientific research; however, the purpose of this process is to give an unborn baby the right to live and in doing so, it gives unspeakable joy to the parents who receive the child.

Those who choose this path place value on the sanctity of human life. By transferring an embryo from the womb of one woman to that of another, science has brought adoption to a whole new level in appreciation for life, love and the realization of dreams. Technology is the key, especially when it comes to adoption.

By: J.A. Johnson


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