Apple iPhone 6 May Sell 90 Million Units in a Year

AppleThe highly anticipated Apple iPhone 6 may sell as many as 90 million units in its first year. This is the belief from one analyst, according to International Business Times. For that to happen, the upcoming phone will need to make a number of changes based on its predecessor.

The smartphone giant has always opted for smaller phones. While its rivals were opting for “phablet” devices like the Galaxy Note 3, Apple stuck to phones that would fit easily in pockets and purses. However, some of the iPhone 6 rumors at the moment hint that the screen is going to be bigger than ever, and that means that the phone itself needs to be bigger.

Many people now are waiting impatiently for the release. Rumors about the phone have spread since the release of the iPhone 5, but the company decided to release the iPhone 5S. This should have been expected, since the tech giant has shown a pattern of releasing a lettered phone in between each number. The current reports point to the iPhone 6 being released around September, a year after the release of the iPhone 5S. Christian Post suspects that this rumor is true considering GT Advanced Technologies, the main supplier for the company, reports that its earnings will increase at the end of the year.

The question now is whether the Apple iPhone 6 will sell 90 million units within its first year or not. It may be difficult when one of the rumors points to the possibility of two different models. This is likely based on the move the company took with the release if the 5S in 2013. A cheaper model, called the 5C, was released at the same time, offering a scaled-back version in multiple color choices. The iPhone 6 may be released in two different sizes, with one of the models being available similar to the 5C.

If the tech giant wants to sell the 90 million units, it definitely needs to do something big and innovative. The year 2014 is shaping to be the battle of the smartphone manufacturers. Samsung is looking to release its Galaxy S5 in April and HTC is releasing a new model with some popularly asked for features. There is also a new rumor that Samsung will release a Galaxy Note 4 at the end of the year.

The downside is that the larger screen will probably lead to a price increase, due to costing more to make. This could turn consumers off, when Android and older Apple models are more affordable. However, those who prefer products from this company will possibly accept the higher price, considering the amount of people that chose to pay the extra for the 5S over the 5C.

Pacific Crest Analyst Andy Hargreaves believes that 10 million of the new handsets will be bought by former Android users. This will be happy news for the tech giant, who lost a number of customers over the last couple of years to the Google system. However, that 10 million is a small number if the Apple iPhone 6 is expected to sell 90 million units in its first year.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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