Apple to Launch MacBook Air With Retina display in 2014?


According to a new report, Apple will launch MacBook Air with high-resolution retina display in the latter half of 2014. Several supply chains are adding information to this speculation that the pixel-packing power of the device will be similar to the MacBook Pro devices.

Apple fans are crossing their fingers for this move, even though the reports are not yet confirmed. A supply chain of Taiwan, called DigiTimes, has substantiated the move of this new product launch by Apple. It should be noted that this supply chain gave way to several rumors previously regarding Apple, most of which were incorrect, not all.

The relatively reliable speculations could be justified by the organization’s take on this issue. DigiTimes research conveyed, “We may provide shipment data for Apple 1-2 months before [the product] even begins selling in the market, because that is when the supply chain delivers it to Apple.”

MacBook Pro always had the better of MacBook Air in the retina display feature and the Apple fans have been left wondering about the introduction of this screen in MacBook Air devices. Even the official website of Apple describes the retina display by saying, “the retina display reduces glare while maintaining incredible color and quality.”

The Taiwanese organization is speculating that the launch of MacBook Air with retina display by Apple will hit 10 million units in the latest shipment of 2014. On the other hand, some of the other supply chains are predicting a higher numbers of the MacBook to hit the market.

Not only good resolution, the MacBook Air will have 178 degree view of the screen with the help of IPS Technology. The typical feature of the Retina Display will adorn the new Air MacBook, and it will give a competition against the MacBook Pro series.

The present Air MacBook device has an 11.6 and 13.3 inches screen which is quite enticing. On top of that, if the retina display is added, it will surely make the fans go crazy. It is rumored that the model will be ultra-thin and much sleeker in appearance.

Even though these are unconfirmed reports, Apple did take a similar approach in 2012. In the MacBook Pro segment, the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro replaced the 17-inch model. The 15.4-inch model was introduced with a retina display and then again another model was introduced a few months later. Basically this sort of move depends on the business requirements and cannot be gauged until proven.

If Apple continues the above trend, it may bring in a 12-inch retina model along with several non-retina display models too. To date, the MacBook Air lineup has two sizes, 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch, so any change in that pattern, or in the design, would be a huge leap because there were no significant changes since 2010 on the physical aspect of the device.

There are also speculations of larger battery to be introduced in the device. This would be quite a predictable move because the high resolution display will eat up most of the battery power. Nevertheless, all of these speculations can only be verified once Apple launches the MacBook Air with retina display in 2014, or maybe later.

by Sunando Basu


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