Ashton Kutcher Is No Fool

Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher is definitely a rarity in the Hollywood industry. As many A-list and millions of hopefuls wheel and deal, scratch and claw to get their next paycheck on their next film project, Ashton Kutcher is thinking outside the box. He understands Hollywood and he is no fool. Though he has royalties flowing in from his hit television sitcom That 70s Show and film projects, he is reportedly diversifying his income into the world of technology. Getting in on the forefront of Skype, Spotify, and Airbnb, in which now is worth $1 billion, Forbes reported Kutcher’s net worth at $24 million in 2013. Many believe Ashton Kutcher could possibly become the next Steve Jobs.

Ashton Kutcher portrayed the entrepreneur, marketer, and inventor Steve Jobs in the film Jobs. The film tells the story of a college dropout rising to become the CEO of the Apple, Incorporated empire. Some believe when actors take on film projects based on the true life story of a person, that role never quite leaves them when the film is complete. Steve Jobs was considered to be a genius by many in the world of technology building a monstrous billion dollar enterprise. As reported by India Times, Ashton Kutcher has been investing in technology companies for quite some time with Lenovo being the most recent in 2013 where he was signed on a product engineer. According to TechRadar, Kutcher will be developing their Yoga tablet line as opposed to smartphones as previously reported in the news.

Kutcher, who majored in biochemistry before dropping out of college to pursue acting, is proving to understand the importance of diversifying, timing, and positioning. Some believe Kutcher is setting the example that anyone can live the American dream by making choices to be at the forefront of a wealth trend.

Kevin Gantos, author of The American Dream, understands the power of diversifying in money making markets. Gantos, a self-made millionaire who has developed businesses across the country worth over $650 million, travels the country sharing his knowledge of timing and positioning with those seeking information on investing into markets that build revenue. During a down economy when many believe they do not have the capabilities to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, Kevin Gantos believes that anyone (whether a laid-off employee, a stay-at-home-Mother, or a CEO), has an opportunity to make their first million in technology during a recession. Residing in southern California where he often finds himself surrounded by Hollywood professionals in the entertainment industry, Gantos encourages actors to think outside the box like an Ashton Kutcher by investing in additional streams of income.

A Senior Vice President of the Dynasty Group in the multi-million dollar technology company 5LINX, Gantos believes technology, energy, healthcare, and wellness are the industries that will produce the next wave of moguls like Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, and Ashton Kutcher fighting to set the example that the American dream is attainable by getting in at the forefront. Much of Kutcher’s fan base believes he has it made as an actor in Hollywood and his stardom will never come to an end. Kutcher perhaps understands the nature of the beast better than most. Diversifying to change the world with technology innovation, Kutcher is investing in his future as well as the generations to come. Though he reportedly loves his craft and has a passion for cinema and television, Ashton Kutcher knows Hollywood…and he’s no fool.

Editorial By Meleika Gardner

India Times
Interview with Kevin Gantos

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