Chris Brown in Jail but Why?

Chris BrownThere are many people asking why Chris Brown is now in jail, after being kicked out of his rehab facility. He was ordered to remain in rehab for another two months just 12 days ago by Judge James Brandlin.

The 24-year-old definitely did not want to go back to rehab. With that in mind, did he actually try to get himself kicked out? Of course, then the question is why the man would actually want to go to jail. That was the only other option based on the fact that he had violated the terms of his five-year parole. Brandlin was going to revisit the recent court-appointed rehab in the middle of April, where he may have decided to send him to jail.

There are currently mixed reports over why Brown was kicked out of the facility this time, and his lawyers have not reportedly spoken out yet. However, it definitely sounds serious. The 24-year-old was reportedly arrested on site and has been reprimanded without bail, according to Hollywood Life.

This is not the first time that Brown has been kicked out of rehab. Within just days of going the first time over four months ago, he was kicked out for throwing a rock at his mother’s car. He was there to get help for his anger management issues, and it seems it took a while for the therapy to initially start working. However, instead of going to jail, he was allowed back for the psychological help that he needed. It helped that his mother made it clear that she wanted him to receive the treatment necessary.

So, why has Brown now been placed in jail? What could he have possibly done this time?

It is a 180 degree turn around for the singer, based on his show of maturity since the first incident in rehab in November 2013. He completed the 90-day rehab therapy and kicked his drug habit. The probation officer’s report even stated that he had shown a “great improvement.”

According to Hollywood Life, there are reports that the violation was not actually due to his anger or a drug problem. There are reports that he was involved in a relationship with a member of staff at the facility. This may have been the reason why he wanted to leave the facility in the first place, knowing that the relationship was an issue. This does not explain the reason for being arrested, just the reason for being kicked out of the Malibu facility.

According to Hollywood Life, the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department has explained that the arrest is linked to the warrant from 2009. This was the incident involving ex-girlfriend and singer Rhianna.

He is also awaiting trial for an offense from last year, where he allegedly assaulted a man outside the White House. That is something that has been on his mind a lot lately, according to a source close to the rapper. All he wants is for all the legal troubles to disappear. Maybe he should not have committed the offenses in the first place. There have been mixed reports so far as the news is released, but it seems that the 2009 offense is why Brown is currently in jail.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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