Chris Brown Jailed Until April 23

Chris BrownChris Brown will be jailed until his next hearing on April 23. Judge James R Brandlin decided that it was best for society to keep the rapper locked behind bars after being kicked out of his rehabilitation facility.

The 24-year-old originally went to rehab voluntarily in November 2013 but was kicked out a few days later for throwing a rock at his mother’s car. When his mother asked him to remain in rehab to get the help he needed, he was sent back for a 90-day program, which he completed in February. However, at another hearing, Brandlin decided that Brown would benefit from more time in the facility and was sent back for two months, until his next hearing on April 23. The Superior Court judge would then decide whether he could go to jail for breaking his parole or would return to rehab once more.

The singer seemed to be doing well in rehab. His anger issues were under control, he had kicked his drug habit and he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. After the diagnoses, he was receiving help to deal with it. Brown could not stay out of trouble.

He was kicked out of his rehabilitation facility in Malibu on Friday for a second time. At first, the reasons were not fully explained but involved him breaking some of the rules. One of those allegedly involved being involved with a female member of staff. It actually turns out that he touched a female client on the elbow. He also refused to take a drugs test, which is mandatory considering his drug addiction. Brandlin had no choice on Monday but to rule that Brown would be jailed until April 23.

The 24-year-old’s lawyer, Mark Geragos wanted his client to attend a different rehab facility. In the end, the singer did take the drugs test and passed it. Geragos argued that his client had made a remarkable recovery and that should not be put on hold because of a couple of incidents in that facility. It would be better for Brown to attend another facility and continue to receive the therapy that is already working.

The lawyer also argued that jailing his client would be a waste of time for law enforcement. It would also jeopardize the upcoming trial over an incident outside the White House. The White House case is on April 17, a week before the rehab hearing with Brandlin. Brown cannot attend that court appearance if he is serving time in a Los Angeles jail.

Brandlin did use a comment that the 24-year-old had said while in a therapy session. The singer was asked to name something that he excelled at, and stated that “using knives and guns” was that thing.

Geragos also argued that his client’s actions were the result of one bad day, and that should not mean he goes to jail. He is likely to file a motion to the appellate court to arrange for the singer to be released from jail, believing that Brandlin has not given him any other option. Whether that motion will be granted is unclear. For now, Brown is being jailed until April 23, where Brandlin will look again at the case of the singer violating his parole back in November.

By Alexandria Ingham


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