Chris Brown Wants Rihanna Back After Bipolar Diagnosis

Chris Brown
Chris Brown seems to be trying his best to clean up the tarnished reputation the singer received when the world turned on him back in 2009. After the diagnosis that Chris Brown had bipolar disorder, among other things, he wants Rihanna back and just dumped on-again/off-again, girlfriend model Karreuche Tran to prove it. Rumor has it that the Next to You singer also stopped following the model on Twitter.

Ever since Brown physically abused Rihanna, news of their relationship’s ups and downs bothered many of her fans. It did nothing for his career, obviously, causing the bratty artist to complain that nobody likes him anymore. Rihanna must have fallen hook, line and sinker (again) for Brown’s whining because shortly after the two recorded the song Birthday Cake.

Brown had attended Rihanna’s 26th birthday bash on Feb.10; lots of RiRi’s family did not approve. And really, how can anyone blame them? When the Umbrella singer first took him back after the attack, fans were outraged. Since the reunion at the party, Radar reported that the two have been constantly texting each other. No wonder Brown unfollowed Tran on Twitter; the fear of Rihanna cyber stalking him to check out just what girls he is conversing with seems real.

After all, that is what the horrible fight was about. It happened after a pre-party for the Grammys that the two were scheduled to appear. Rihanna had come across a text from another woman on Brown’s phone and the rest, as they say, is history. Needless to say, none of them did ever show up at the award ceremonies.

Brown recently appeared in court in Los Angeles at a hearing to review the Beautiful People vocalist’s probation. The judge had ordered Brown to remain in the rehab facility for the duration of the trial which was a full 90 days. Brown remained in the centre for an extra five days, however, for extra help to ensure the musician won’t relapse. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder II, Insomnia, and  PTSD, Chris Brown is hopeful his good behavior will get ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, back.

Tran does not seem to be bothered much by the songsters erratic behavior. The model was seen having a great time, on Thursday, at a pre-Oscars party for OK! Magazine.

A spokesperson from the rehab facility said that Brown was acting out and would become aggressive because of the musicians improper self-medicating and untreated mental disorder, post traumatic stress syndrome and severe sleep deprivation.  The spokesperson also said that the singer had done very well at the rehab and responded positively to treatment.

Brown must be grateful for the diagnosis, hoping that the news would somehow explain and wash away the fact that the singer exploded in a rage and started hitting on a girl. Fans for Rihanna are not that forgiving as the Disturbia songstress and will be following Browns behaviour very closely. Even the singer told Rolling Stone that Brown doesn’t have the luxury to screw up again and that, “That’s just not an option.”

Only time will tell how long this connection with the scrutinized couple will go and exactly just how far. As long as Brown stays on his meds, the outbursts of anger should remain at a bare minimum, hopefully. Getting a diagnosis of bipolar disorder could have been the best thing that happened to Chris Brown in a long time, especially now that he wants Rihanna back. The question: If Rihanna takes him back, is there something wrong with the sexy vocalist’s head, too?

Opinion by Derik L. Bradshaw


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