Courtney Love Knows Where the Missing Malaysian Plane Is?

Courtney LoveCourtney Love posted on her Twitter that she knows where the missing Malaysian plane likely is, and even shared co-ordinates. However, she did finish the tweet with “but what do I know?”

The Malaysian plane mysteriously disappeared on route to Beijing on March 8. There have been a number of speculations about the eventual destination and the reasons for that, including the pilot and co-pilot being involved in a joint hijacking. No confirmations have yet been made, but officials do state that the black box that usually tells people where the plane is stopped working.

So, how could Love possibly know the location when the people in charge have no idea? She is using images from Tomnod, a crowd-funded website. The site provides a range of satellite images that are available for anybody to see. The rocker saved an image, made notes where she believed she could see oil and the plane and then posted it on her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds. Within the update, she included the exact co-ordinates, claiming that the location is about a mile away from Pulau Perak, where the plane was officially last tracked.

She has since explained that she is “a little obsessed” over the whole missing plane. After hearing about it, she decided to upload various satellite images of the area to see if she could locate something officials could not. Now Love claims that she knows where the missing Malaysian plane is and hopes that someone will go out to at least see if it is there.

As publications tweeted about their own stories, the rocker retweeted them, excited that so many people had found out about her find.

She is not the only person who has claimed to find the site. Many people have used Tomnod to search the seas from their own homes. They have then shared their findings of oil slicks and possible plane sightings for officials to check. If those images look at all possible, the officials have then forwarded the images onto the search teams over the Asian waters. It all started after another news article asked for people at home to help. This is how Love reportedly found out about the site and decided to help the best she could.

It looks like the images that the rocker put forward have already been ruled out. Tomnod explained that it looks like boats have been in the area, rather than the plane. When looking closely, something that looks like oil slicks can be found but even squinting makes it hard to spot a possible plane. Many people commented on the singer’s photo update to say they could not see it, but hoped they were just missing something that she had spotted.

If her findings do not prove fruitful, the singer hopes that the people on the plane are all safe and found soon. She knows that something happened and it is out there somewhere. This is not a case of alien abductions. However, Love is sure she knows where the missing Malaysian plane is and hopes that the images are checked in detail by officials.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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  1. Sue   March 19, 2014 at 12:26 am

    She is so high on drugs. No one knows where it is. The U.S televangelists with all their
    power and words from God have not come forward with any news. The so called world leading psychics have also no news

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