‘Dexter’ Star Michael C. Hall Possibly Ready for More Murder Mayhem

dexterWorld famous serial killer with a heart of gold, Dexter Morgan, might be coming out of retirement. Six months ago, Dexter star Michael C. Hall stashed away the knives and took down his last plastic covered kill room as the series wrapped up its eight year run on Showtime, but it seems the killer actor might possibly be ready for a little more murder mayhem. Hall spoke to the media in an interview on Tuesday and discussed a few tidbits floating around the Internet about a possible spin-off series featuring everyone’s favorite dark defender. Hall said that as of now, the idea of reprising the role of Dexter Morgan is something that he just cannot wrap his head around.

While Hall might be unsure of getting back in the apron and slicing and dicing Miami’s baddies, the big shots over at Showtime, seem to have no problem wrapping their heads around a Dexter spin-off series, the only condition being that Michael C. Hall sign back up to play dashing, dastardly Dexter on an ongoing basis.  The main star of the hit series stated that he pleaded the fifth about whether or not he wanted to play the character that thrust him into mainstream pop culture. Who can blame him? Many stars who have been responsible for etching characters like Dexter Morgan into the collective consciousness of viewers across the planet, all the while challenging their sense of morality, have a difficult time not being typecast as that character forever.

With new projects, such as the Broadway play The Realistic Joneses, it is not hard to see why Michael C. Hall might be reluctant to be Dexter again and engage in more murder mayhem. Such an opportunity gives the actor a chance to stretch his wings in a direction not guided by the inner demons of a twisted sociopath. Hall went on to say in his interview that it is nice to be out of the death business and doing something creatively that is a bit lighter in nature.

All of the speculation from the higher-ups at Showtime has fans in a frenzy, as many were very unsatisfied by the way the series ended. After a huge build up of eight years, Dexter’s Disciples, the name of the show’s hardcore fan base, were disappointed to see their favorite antihero slip away into the forests of Oregon to live out the remainder of his days in isolation, strangely making a living as a lumberjack. Internet message boards lit up with criticism for the finale as well as the show’s writers, and calls for a “do over” began almost immediately.

It seems that even Showtime is beginning to think that putting Dexter to rest was a bad idea, as this was the channel’s primary franchise. The big wigs are probably trying very hard to get the ball rolling on a spin-off series in an attempt to still take advantage of the show’s popularity, which is still high, thanks to the series being readily available for streaming on Netflix. The only hitch is whether Michael C. Hall really wants to engage in more mayhem and murder as Dexter Morgan, or if he wants to continue leaving the death business behind.

by Michael Cantrell

Digital Spy
Calgary Herald