Drake and Rihannas Saga Continues

The romance rumors are flying as the Drake and Rihanna saga continues. The on-again, off-again couple have been spotted in Amsterdam having dinner and the amorous buzz does not stop there.

It was just last week that Chris Brown had allegedly broken up with Karrueche Tran and back in hot pursuit of Rihanna. Now, allegedly, Chris Brown is saying that he has moved on from the tumultuous relationship with the Barbadian singer and apparently focused on his new life with Tran. The Rihanna, Chris Brown and Drake threesome has spun around like a merry-go-round now since Browns and Rihanna’s first break up back in 2009.

Drake is now on tour in Europe and the rapper and Rihanna were spotted in Amsterdam at a sushi restaurant on Thursday night. Drake and bad girl Rihanna had dated back in 2010 but only for a moment. Enough time though for Drake to say that RiRi had broken his heart. Ever since then Rihanna seems to have played the two musicians back and forth depending on whom had suited the Umbrella singers fancy at the time. According to the pictures and reports, it looks like Rihanna is finally choosing gentleman Drake over loose-cannon Brown.  Heat, a British magazine, was told by an inside source that Drake and Rihanna are very happy right now. “She’s telling people that he’s such a gentleman,” said the source and that Drake  had been even sending Rihanna’s favorite Whiskey cocktails up to her room.

It is no secret that Drake has been in love with Rihanna since the couple first met and began dating. So much so that after the break-up in 2010, and Rihanna reconciled with Chris Brown, the two male alphas got into a bar room brawl over the S&M singer. This, presumably, after Brown and RiRi had broken up again “for good” in 2012.  Until the rumors had started again with Brown presumably attending Rihanna’s birthday bash this past February. The 26-year-old temptress is giving the impression of swinging back and forth like a pendulum between Brown and Drake in the last few years. Could the continuing saga of Drake and Rihanna’s relationship finally be over?

Drake, apparently, had even went as far as to give Rihanna keys to the rappers home in Los Angeles. “Moving in with him so soon after getting back together may seem fast,” the source said, “but they’re reigniting something from a long time ago so they feel closer than any couples who’ve just started dating.” Rumor has it that it was during Drakes concert shows in Paris, where Rihanna had joined him on stage, when the two re-sparked their feelings for one another.

Rihanna, who recently purchased an apartment in New York, has been happy to leave the west coast and has been vocal about that with friends. “Drake has been telling her for years that he’s the man for her,” explained the source, “and she’s finally listened.” With all the sightings of Rihanna and Drake and Rihanna with Brown, it is hard to piece together exactly who the Barbados singer will end up with. Maybe the singer will move in with Drake, maybe she won’t. Either way her fans are firmly divided between Team Brown and Team Drake. Which one the provocative singer will finally choose in the end is yet to be seen. Perhaps the continuing saga of Drake and Rihanna will finally come to an end.

Opinion by Derik L. Bradshaw


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