Egypt Military Post Attacked; Six Killed


Egyptian State media has reported the killing of six military police officers from an attack near a security check point in Qalyoubia’s Shubra El Kheima district, suburb of capital Cairo. This attack was confirmed by the security chief of the province who also informed the media that two bombs were diffused from the area later. Military officials suspect Muslim brotherhood was behind this ghastly attack. No group claimed responsibility for this attack thus far but, the last time an attack happened brotherhood released a statement denying any attacks on civil and military personal.

There were reports in the last few months that the security forces and the army have been in a series of attacks against rebel groups. Last July the Military overhauled Islamist President Mohamed Morsi. This attack comes ahead of the Morsi trail Saturday. this is also linked as a revenge in the wake of the security forces heavy gunning of Mohamed Morsi supporters across Egypt in which Amnesty international claims one thousand four hundred supporters were killed.

Finally, the Saudi royal family has tagged the Muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization. Egypt welcomed Saudi Arabia’s move and urged the Arab League nations to follow suit and obey the seventeen nation Arab anti-terrorism treaty. Egypt had declared Muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization back in December. Egypt is a key player in the Arab world and its relationship with the Saudi kingdom has been a complicated one.

Saudi’s move on the brotherhood is considered by many pundits as a reset of its relationship with its neighbors and reconciliation of friendship with Egypt. After the Arab Springs and consequential overthrow of Morsi, relations between the two countries deeply strained. Morsi was the first ever democratic head of Egypt but, remained in power for just one year. Foreign policy experts think Egypt and Saudi cooperation has a high strategic important in the Middle East and a positive thing moving forward in a global perspective.

Recently, a military group with Al-Qaeda affiliations claimed responsible for few attacks on the military and police forces. Major attacks broke out in the Sinai peninsula of Egypt in 2013 but, have now spread to as far as the Nile delta. Today, a top militant group leader has been reported died in Egypt and the militants released a statement saying it was a bomb accident that killed him. The deceased leader was hailed by the militant group for his attack on Israels that killed eight in 2011. The Egyptian media had previously reported his involvement in a failed assassination attempt of the information minister last year.

After today’s attack, the military chief these cowardly acts by the Muslim Brotherhood will only make their force more determined to fight the war on terrorism. Experts say these Islamist groups are looking to create a mess, as their leader Mohamed Morsi’s jail stay continues. Today, happens to be the hearing of the Morsi case in a Cairo Court of Appeals. The defense lawyers had a series of walk outs demanding the change of the court attorneys involved in the Morsi hearings.

By Vikas Vemuri


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State Information Service

Daily News Egypt

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