Facebook and Twitter No Makeup Selfies Are Raising Money for Cancer

FacebookGuardian Liberty Voice reported yesterday that the Facebook and Twitter no makeup selfies were not doing any good for cancer research, but more and more women have reported that they are raising money after all. The original report came after numerous people started questioning just how the selfies of women were helping the cancer charities.

The truth is the idea behind the no makeup selfies on social media sites was lost for a while. Women would tag their friends, and it led to the men having fun with it by posting selfies of themselves wearing makeup or their own ideas of themselves without makeup on. While many women still believe that it was raising awareness, the idea to actually help the charities was lost behind the fun and games of the gimmick.

The Facebook and Twitter gimmick has been hit with criticism and support. Some women who have had mastectomies have found offense in the idea of all women to post photos without makeup. One user decided to post a photo of her bare chest showing the real sacrifice of breast cancer. However, Cancer Research UK used it for their own marketing efforts to encourage people to donate via text.

It was arguably the marketing campaign from the cancer charity that has seen the surge in donations. While some women will argue that the Twitter and Facebook no makeup selfies are raising money for cancer charities, it is the highlight from the media and charities using the gimmick to their own advantage. Cancer awareness has been raised by the selfies, but that is no good without the donations to the charities. Donations do not happen when the real reason behind the no makeup selfies is lost behind the fun and games.

Cancer charities have finally started to see a surge in donations. Women are even now posting a shot of the text that they have sent to donate alongside their photo with no makeup on. This has helped to highlight the main reason behind the campaign. Of course, some women regularly donate, so state that instead of posting the text that has been sent.

Despite initially bemused by the gimmick, some women have defended the actions not to donate because awareness of the disease is being raised. The argument is that prevention is better. However, the counter argument for that is that cancer charities still need the donations to be able to create treatments and cures even for those who catch cancer in the early stages. Without this, the cancer would develop anyway.

Some women have opted for a different strategy for the no makeup selfies. PR firm employee, Sophie Williams has offered to donate 50p to Cancer Research for each like that she receives. This is going to end up being more than the suggested £3 from Cancer Research UK.

The exact surge has not yet been confirmed, but Cancer Research has confirmed that there has been an “unprecedented” rise in the number of text donations. It shows that the Facebook and Twitter no makeup selfies are raising money for the cancer charities, despite the initial confusion over the benefit of them.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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