Facebook Sees Increase in ‘No Makeup Selfies’ to Raise Cancer Awareness

FacebookFacebook has seen an increase in women posting photos dubbed “no makeup selfies” in an attempt to raise awareness of cancer. It is definitely a safer version than the recent neknomination craze, but there are some things that people are forgetting when posting the photos.

The aim is to raise money as well as awareness for the cancer charities. Once the women post their photos, they are supposed to then donate money to a cancer charity. This money goes into a pot to help find a cure for the deadly disease, and there are different charities that focus on cancer in general and specific forms of cancer. Guardian Liberty Voice has already covered the reason for the new “no makeup selfies” and where the idea originated from.

However, many people posting the photos are forgetting about the donation part. They simply post the photo up, nominate a few friends to join in and then walk away forgetting all about it. It has led to many questioning just how this is really helping the charities. While the Facebook craze raises awareness right now, within a few weeks or months it will all be forgotten about.

This is not the first time the social media site has been used to raise cancer awareness. Over the last few years, women have private messaged each other with games that involve posting the color of their underwear or writing a word linked to their birth date. It was supposed to confuse the men on the site, which made it harder to raise the awareness. Facebook has suddenly seen an increase in the “no makeup selfies” to raise cancer awareness, and men have been included in on the game right away. Some men have even joined in posting funny pictures of their makeup-free face.

There are a few ways for people to raise awareness of cancer and help the charities while posting their pictures. The simplest is to follow the intended rules of donating to a charity.

Another option is to take part in a set event hosted by the cancer charities. In the United Kingdom, May and June are the months for the Race for Life. This is a 5K “race,” but people are welcome to run, jog or walk. The aim is to get as many people involved and raise as much money for Cancer Research UK as possible. There are other events linked to Race for Life, including a 10K run and Pretty Muddy, a fun-filled obstacle course event.

People also have the option to host their own event. Evening meals with guest speakers, local car washes and bake sales are all ways to raise money for charities, while raising the awareness. Coffee mornings at churches are a common option, and can be held on a monthly basis without spending too much money upfront.

While the “no makeup selfie” was a good idea initially, many people have forgotten the reason behind it. Facebook has seen an increase in women posting “no makeup selfies” in an attempt to raise awareness of cancer, but are forgetting the important part of donating their money to help the cause.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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