Gambler Lost $500,000 and Expects Vegas to Pay It Back


Gambler alert: after losing $500,000 while gambling intoxicated, and then expect Vegas to pay back the lost funds.  These are Mark Johnston’s thoughts of how the Downton Grand Casino in Las Vegas can compensate him for the trouble he claims they caused.  Johnston is suing the casino for allowing him to play “blackout drunk” and loaning him money to continue to gamble when his chips faded away.

Johnston’s troubles began Super Bowl weekend when he and a lady friend decided to fly to Vegas and stay at the Downtown Grand Casino.  Johnston began consuming alcoholic beverages at the airport and during the flight from California to Sin City.  Upon arrival in Vegas the gambling tycoon had several more drinks while dining.  Before even setting foot into the gambling portion of his night, Johnston concedes to having approximately ten drinks.

Johnston played black-jack and pai-gow for a 17 consecutive hour time span.  During that time period he claims he was severely over-served and blacked out for a total of 44 hours.  While participating in these two games Johnston was served approximately 20 drinks in addition to alcohol he consumed prior.  Reports state that Johnston began dropping money chips on the floor, could not distinguish dollar amounts according to color, was unable to set his hand or read his cards properly, and his speech and dialect were heavily slurred.  The experienced gambler also takes prescription medication, which he alleges a private casino host was aware of.  The gambler expects Vegas to pay back his $500,000 loss based on this fact alone.

When Johnston ran out of cash, he then took out several markers with the Downtown Grand Casino.  Markers are credit lines the casino issues that allow gambling patrons to assess large quantities of cash.  These lines of credit are usually allotted to extravagant spenders and high rollers.  Johnston definitely fits the mold as a long-term qualified gambler who is no stranger to gaming in the sums of hundreds of thousands of dollars.   Highly illusive when a casino will allow a credit line of half a million dollars.  Within twenty one minutes Johnston took out two lines of credit totaling $200,000.  Approximately eleven hours later he took on another marker for $50,000.  Under extreme inebriation another marker was signed in the amount of$250,000 two hours later.

The gambler out half a million dollars takes responsibility for his actions, but will not take full responsibility. Johnston goes on to explain the employees in a casino serving complimentary drinks have a deeper responsibility than the customer.  Nevada law does not permit serving a customer visibly impaired from substances complimentary alcoholic beverages of any kind at any time.  This is a standard that should strictly be followed at all times.  Johnston believes his impairment coupled with the overwhelming amounts of money he spends on average in a casino is what led to his disparage.  Serving alcohol while gambling creates a propensity of spending more than an individual is willing to spare.  This is the foundation Las Vegas has built its entire livelihood on.  The gambler losing $500,000 and expecting Vegas to pay it back is in one word…preposterous.

Editorial By Ebony Waller






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