‘Game of Thrones’ Catchup for The Wall and Beyond

Game of ThronesGame of Thrones season four is due to start on April 6, so it is time for a catchup for the storyline around The Wall and beyond it. The storyline surrounding this area has barely been touched when compared to King’s Landing and the war with the North, but it has still taken some exciting turn of events.

Jon Snow kicks off this catchup, and has been the main character for this area throughout the last three seasons. Season 3 saw him go beyond The Wall and meet his wildling girlfriend, Ygritte. They fell in love, her broke his vows and then he broke her heart. At first he killed one of his own to get into the army of wildlings who wanted to kill him, but now he has turned against them.

After breaking his girlfriend’s heart, she decided to shoot him with arrows. He has made it back to Castle Black in time, and the trailer for season four shows that he’s getting the Night’s Watch ready for a war to come.

As for the burned girlfriend, it is still unclear which side Ygritte’s loyalties lie. She seemed to make it clear that her loyalties were to Jon until he left her for his friends. It does appear that her loyalties change depending on her feelings at the time.

The next part of the Game of Thrones catchup for The Wall and beyond it is Bran Stark. Season three left his storyline with an interesting twist. After leaving Winterfell with Rickon, Hodor and Osha, the young, now heir of Winterfell found out the reason for his three-eyed crow dreams. He can warg—jump into the heads of animals and control them—and has the power of “greensight.”

Bran and Hodor have split from Rickon and Osha now. Bran is accompanied by another boy who can warg, Jojen Reed, and his sister Meera. Very little is known about these two so far, just that they have helped Bran a little over the last few episodes of season three. It seems they are really there for the Stark boy’s dialogue more than anything else.

Rickon is now off to Castle Black with Osha. They’re seeking safety from the Night’s Watch, but it will be interesting to see how the soldiers will care for a Game of Thrones wildling.

As for wildlings, there is one currently within the grounds of Castle Black. Sam Tarly helped Gilly and her newborn son escape. So far, it seems that the wildling girl and her son will remain at the Castle for the time being, but what temptation will that bring the rest of the Night’s Watch? As for Sam, he has managed to kill one of the blue-eyed White Walkers, and his life was spared during an earlier attack. It seems he has a lot to share about his trip beyond The Wall.

Season four is likely to see more of The Wall and beyond. The trailers already show that the wildlings are coming to attack, but what about the White Walkers? These fantasy creatures appeared in the first episode, but there is still very little known about them and very little to share in this catchup of The Wall and beyond on Game of Thrones.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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