Game of Thrones Fans Get Ready for New Season (Video)

Game of thronesGame of Thrones fans have been getting ready for the upcoming new season. 7,000 fans turned out at a fan event for the hit show held at the Barclays center in Brooklyn, N.Y on Thursday. And it was well worth making the effort to attend. Fans were treated to appearances by the game’s creator, its stars, the chance to win some exclusive prizes, and a screening of the premier episode of the fourth season.

The show’s creator George R.R Martin received a standing ovation from fans getting ready for the new season when he came onto the stage. The 65-year-old said he felt like Bruce Springsteen when he heard the crowd cheering for him. The fantasy writer, who said he had been to many a Springsteen gig,  had quite the special gig to perform of his own.

Martin gave away a throne worth $30,000 to a fan sitting in a randomly chosen seat. Fans were teased a little beforehand when they were able to have their photo taken with the throne at the Barclays Center. The iron throne, a replica of the ones seen on the show, was won by Mike Ross from Hoboken, N.J. The prize, one fans of the show would dream of sitting on to watch the fourth season, was well worth the $15 dollar ticket prize. Those who have $30,000 fans to spare can purchase one of the 350 pound fiber-glass chairs from the show’s gift shop. But for Ross, the best prize was to come. As he left the stage, Ross was crowned “King Ross” by the author, a nickname worth its weight in thrones if ever there was one.

Martin, who has been hitting the headlines this week with his claim he wanted Game of Thrones to end with a $100 million budget movie, also gave a Q & A session. He talked about finishing the sixth book in the series The Winds of Winter, reassuring the crowd he was working on it. For the lucky fans, he was not the only Game of Thrones celebrity to appear and answer questions.

Kristian Nairn, otherwise known as Hodor on-screen, also attended, and was reportedly given the loudest screams of the night. Nairn, who also emceed the show, said the love he felt was unexpected and made him emotional. He also offered to emcee at other events if anyone wished. Other stars to feel the love included Sibel Kekilli, John Bradley and Maisie Williams. Rap star Common also made an appearance, rapping the song “The Ladder” from HBO’s mix tape “Thrones.” And other musical entertainment was provided by the Bergenfield High school marching band.

Fans who are getting ready for the fourth season of Game of Thrones but who could not attend the show will have to be patient when it comes to finding out what happens in the season premier.  Attendees of the pre-screening had to leave their phones at check-in. But fans, and there are lots of them, with an average of 14.2 million a show last season, will not have long to wait- season four will air on April 6th.

Commentary by Christian Deverille

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