Game of Thrones (Spoiler Alert)

Game of Thrones

For all that have read up to date on George R. R. Martin’s book series, Game of Thrones, the spoiler alert may not be needed,  but for everyone who is left to wait for HBO’s hit series to air this coming season four your guess is as good as any when it comes to what will happen next. So if you still want to sit on the edge of your seat each Sunday night at 9 to wait and see how Daenerys Targaryen will lead her trident of fire spearing forth from her three dragons (and her new army of ruthless mercenaries now freedom fighters) take some advice; do not listen in on President Obama’s water cooler chat this week at the Oval Office.

It seems that show creators D. B. Weiss and David Benioff leaked a copy of season four to Mr. President even though the show does not come out for a month, as this is no spoiler alert for true fans that Game of Thrones premiers on April 17. Last month a New York Times article spilled that Obama asked for a few copies of HBO hit series shows to watch over President’s Day Weekend, then in the April Vanity Fair magazine confirmed that the privilege of being the most powerful man in the modern world does indeed include the ability to pre-screen HBO shows. So it sounds like over President’s Day Weekend, Barak Obama got to see exactly what we all are waiting for in this upcoming season of Game of Thrones.

Now curiosity lies in the new plot developments and storylines that need to be filled in after last season’s “Red Wedding” episode that left the House of Stark as well as the forces of the North completely decimated. There seems to be a vacuum of story created with the Battle between North and South halted, that surely will quickly be filled up, most likely by developing plot lines that the youngest Starks are involved with in Arya traveling around in the Riverlands and The youngest Stark brothers, Bran and Rikon, believed by everyone to be dead.  Most are interested in seeing where Bran Stark goes with his new-found gift of greensight seeing into the future and more interestingly his ability to warg; enter the minds of animals to control the beast! Game of Thrones has touched on these abilities, but many foresee (Does someone have greensight, maybe?) the warging to be a large part of season four as Bran finds his metaphorical legs in doing so.

Then come along the oh-so-scary white walkers that have been hinted at since the opening episode of the show. The presence of the white walkers has been ever-present, but barely present on-screen. They should come into play much more in this coming season. Especially with the possible rise of John Snow and the really awesome magical blue sword that is in the hands of the young Stark boys and seems to be the only thing that can stop the white walkers or maybe Daenerys’ dragons? Well no spoiler alert as these guesses of the events of season four on Game of Thrones are as good as any, unless for greensight of course.

Opinion By Shaun Finn

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