‘Ghostbusters’ Finally Back in the Neighborhood for Third Installment

GhostbustersIt looks like when there’s something strange in the neighborhood, there is finally someone to call. A third installment of the popular, Ghostbusters franchise is looking to start production some time in early 2015, with plans to finally bring the ghost hunters back to the streets of New York. While the long-awaited sequel has finally been given the go-ahead (as of now), there have been some big changes in light of the death of co-creator and writer, Harold Ramis.

One of those changes is that Ivan Reitman, the director for the previous two films, will be calling shots from the sidelines as a producer, rather than from the director’s chair. Reitman is on board to help find the new Ghostbusters film a director, one who has the fortitude to not only take on one of the most popular film franchises in history, but to give it a complete overhaul. Yes, the new film will not be a continuation of the series, but a reboot, something along the lines of the recent Star Trek movies, according to Ghostbusters star, Dan Aykroyd.

The news of a reboot may not sit well with long-time fans of the franchise, who are attached to the original classics and have no desire to see fond memories of their childhood turned to ash like a ballroom full of proton packs. On the bright side, a new spin on the originals may help revive interest in the Ghostbusters, introducing them to a younger audience who might have felt the movies were a bit dated. Others will be thrilled to finally have the Ghostbusters back in the neighborhood, regardless of the direction the third installment might take.

Perhaps the biggest fear for Ghostbusters fans is who Sony will cast to play the iconic characters in the upcoming reboot. With classic performances by comedic legends like Bill Murray, who in modern Hollywood could fill Peter Venkman’s boots? Perhaps there should be a fresh take on the characters, or even brand new ones. While this might seem to upset older fans, the characters need to relate to a different generation of film watchers, who are vastly different from their parents who grew up with the originals. There is more than enough room for audiences with different tastes to enjoy both the originals and the reboots.

Reitman also stated that those who are currently working on the film have already started compiling a list of directors to helm the picture. Once Sony has chosen a director, they will then move on to finding a cast. It appears that after decades of waiting, this is finally going to happen. It is a good move for Sony who has been landing a number of fresh start franchises in the last few years, including James Bond and The Amazing Spider-Man.

There is still a possibility that stars from the original films will appear in cameos during the movie, although actor Bill Murray is still very resistant to the idea of being involved in any capacity. While that is a bit disappointing, fans of the Ghostbusters should take a moment to rejoice that the boys are finally coming back to the neighborhood in a third installment, which is sure to bring plenty of thrills and giggles.

By Michael Cantrell

Hollywood Reporter
Deadline Hollywood
Huffington Post

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