Global Warming Name Does Not Strike the Fear It Should

Global Warming

The changes in the world climate that we call Global Warming should have been given a name that would strike fear in all of us. Global Warming actually sounds nice. Warmer winters, hot weather for summer months, sounds pretty good.

The current trend in entertainment is heavily focused on zombies and a zombie apocalypse. So much so, that some local governments have actually had zombie apocalypse training drills. It is not something that is likely to happen, no matter how much we prepare ourselves for the chance of AMC’s The Walking Dead to move from Sunday nights to outside our front doors.

Droughts worldwide could end up in all out wars between nations or start civil wars within the borders of affected countries. First signs of this would more than likely be in poor areas. It would not be the only area that would see the affects of Global Warming. This past winter, from the Midwest to the East Coast of the United States, extreme cold weather hit areas that were not prepared for it. Not just one time, but repeatedly over the winter, sub zero temperatures reached areas that do not get that cold normally.

This is where the name Global Warming is misleading and does not strike the fear in people that it should. The cold weather snaps that were labeled Arctic Vortex’s, did result in a few deaths from people who were not prepared for the extreme cold. As Global Warming continues, we will see more deaths, and not just from extreme cold. The elderly and the very young are at risk from potential heat waves that will be coming. As temperatures get warmer, drought areas will most likely expand, and more areas will be labeled as a drought zone, local and global food supplies will start to be affected.

Many fish and land animals will suffer right along with people, and this would affect those who rely on a subsistence lifestyle, whether by choice or need, and has already began to impact many natives in Alaska that live above the Arctic Circle. Warmer summers and less snow during the summers have caused ice packs to melt, taking away needed hunting and fishing areas.

Flash floods, like those that hit the Colorado foothills during the summer of 2012, or the rains that caused the devastating mudslide in Washington state recently could repeat in the same areas and grow outward. No one knows exactly what will happen, but a United Nations report recently released included eight key reasons to worry about global warming.

The list basically states that if climate change continues, we could see the heat waves killing elderly and young, people starving from droughts and more massive winter storms like the ones that hit the American Midwest and East Coast. The UN also said that both coastal flooding and inland flooding would be devastating and brought up food shortages due to droughts and the fish and land animals being affected.

Many feel that Global Warming was caused by people. The amount of carbon dioxide in the air from factories, power plants, cars, compiled with deforestation and many other factors have led us to the current state of the climate. The worlds reliance on fossil fuels, and other natural resources are a huge factor. Some have tried to do their part, large cities recycling programs, the pushing of carpooling, public transit, or bike to work days. Saving power with solar panels and personal wind generators and other green plans. Even large car companies like Toyota, Nissan, and BMW have introduced alternatives to petroleum based cars, offering hybrid cars using less gas by incorporating a electric engine, or releasing all electric cars.

Tesla Motors has taken it further by not only offering only all electric vehicles, but by building solar powered charging stations allowing people to travel great distances and be able to charge their vehicles for free along their routes.
Wind farms and solar panel arrays are popping up more and more, however, many feel it may be too little too late. While the concerns over climate change may not result in the Hollywood adaptations of Global Warming shown in 2004’s Dennis Quaid movie The Day After Tomorrow, it is sure things will get much, much worse than they are now.

Instead of naming the climate change Global Warming, a name like Climate Apocalypse should have been chosen to strike the fear in the world. Maybe steps would have been taken earlier and the climate effects would not be as severe as they are today, and potentially not as bad as they could get. Or they could have called the climate change what it most likely is the start of. An Ice Age.

By Carl Auer

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3 Responses to "Global Warming Name Does Not Strike the Fear It Should"

  1. james   April 3, 2014 at 2:27 am

    The name is not the issue. The constant misportrayal of global warming in the media is the problem. People aren’t threatened by the idea of global warming because the media tells them it’s all ok (for the most part). Even when news does get through about global warming, the ‘its all ok’ message is favourable to most people as it means they can carry on with their greedy lives and indifferent attitudes.

  2. Benson   March 31, 2014 at 8:03 pm

    Those of us, that believe in an almighty living God well know that this so called global warming is just one of the signs of the times and they are right,
    But for those who believe in the scientific god, they call evolution, they don’t seem to have much faith in their god evolution and are very afraid and are panicking,
    IF i believed in the lower god evolution I would consider global warming as nothing more than evolution in progress….How come science doesn’t believe at all in it’s own god evolution when put to the test? … If evolution has any credebility whatsoever, then Global warming is evolution in progress, and we have nothing to worry about, after all evolution created all things very perfectly and in order in the past, so why not now. ?…There seem to be So much little faith in evolution when reality comes knocking at our door.

  3. Dicko Stephens   March 31, 2014 at 3:25 pm

    With or without a name, the impact of changing climate is upon us. More dying from heat, weather, cold, and more yet will die from hunger, disease and consequent war. Deniers are not the problem, the silent majority aware of the problem and not acting are endangering future generations. We must wake up in order to mitigate the worst to come.

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