Good News for Marijuana?


Marijuana has once again been hitting the online headlines this week, for reasons that, once-upon-a-time, just would not have been expected. More and more, it seems like good news for marijuana.

Scientific evidence which demonstrates the medicinal advantages of compounds contained within the marijuana plant, has been gradually gaining momentum. Various research institutes have long been conducting studies on the benefits of marijuana and it’s effects on various medical conditions.

Marijuana has been shown to have a positive impact on many serious illnesses, including Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and arthritis as well as mental conditions such as depression.
For example, in 2012 University of California Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research, declared it’s findings of a placebo-based study, which fully complied with FDA gold standards of trials. It showed that marijuana should be on the front-line of treatment for serious conditions such as neuropathology.

The quality and quantity of the research on the matter has perhaps been a paramount factor in its gradual decriminalization across many US States.With an ever-growing body of research gathering behind it, the ‘pot movement’ might be set to make a comeback, this time with a more mature spirit of research and responsibility. Flowery clothes and rock festivals are no longer the driving force of marijuana. Instead science, health and well-being are providing the underlying current for change.

Cannabis is still a long way from legal. In the USA, it is against federal law to be in possession of the plant. However, 21 states have now passed legislation which allows for medicinal marijuana. Sixteen states have gone one step further, and have decriminalized the possession of small amounts.

The spotlight has been shining on two states in particular as of late; Washington, and Colorado. In 2012, both approved the use of recreational marijuana, and became the first states to take the legislation out of a medicinal context.

Now, the economic and societal differences are beginning to emerge, and Thursday marked the start of an American job-fair premiere; Canna Search. The job fair is the first of it’s kind in Colorado, and is good news for the hundreds of job seekers out to hunt a marijuana based job. Canna Search will showcase job roles with everything from sales, to marijuana gardener available.

Marijuana job fairs! What will they think of next? How about a marijuana coffee shop?

Colorado’s first legal and licensed cannabis club has recently gained permission to operate. Club Ned will operate as a private members only space where the consumption of marijuana on the premises will be permitted.

A couple named the Fanelli’s, won the legal right to open Club Ned (at 8000 feet high), where members can bring their own marijuana and smoke it whilst enjoying refreshments and food. The Fanelli’s also hint at an acoustic stage for customers to enjoy, whilst they have a puff.

The future of marijuana looks bright; and this time it is not looking like a short-lived hippy-revolution. With such a compelling body of scientific research mounting, the medicinal benefits are becoming hard to ignore. The political landscape is also changing quickly, and it begs the question; which state will make the next move?

It is not all good news for marijuana; the plant is still illegal in many states, as well as being a criminal offence under federal law. Despite this the plant seems to be settling in well in the states which have made it available. With job fairs and coffee shops, and especially research of the medicinal benefits, who knows where the plant will grow next.

By Matthew Warburton

The Daily Beast
IB Times

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