Google Glass May Be a Bad Fashion Add?

Google Glass

Google Glass may be the new fashion add of the future. Google Glass has partnered up with the largest lens crafters in the world, Luxottica Group. The result is Google Glass being produced as stylish glasses for everyday wear. Luxottica Group is the largest company for designer brands for Armani glasses, Lens Crafters, Chanel, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Ray-Ban and Persol. The Google Vice President said in a statement that Luxottica has built an impressive history of over 50 years designing glasses for the most successful designer eye wear. It sure deserved to advance their designs by adding technology, but Google Glass may be a bad fashion add.

Google Glass has been promoted as part of the New York Fashion Week last year, and rated as the ‘future eye wear’ by Vogue. There have been tries to make an appeal to consumers through photoshoots with actors and models wearing them on all styles of clothing. The head designer for Google Glass, Isabelle Olsson, decided that making Glass for different frame styles and eight different shapes will look more appealing, by adding the simplicity and minimalism to it.

According to Forbes, the next generation of Google Glass is expected to hit the market in 2015. Luxottica Group’s day ends with a happy face, since their stocks grew for more than a 4%. But Google does not pass without the constant criticism of the consumers. While the eye wear seems very cool and geeky, it can be a large distraction while driving, a constant surveillance to people’s lives, and it is dehumanizing in a way of making people look like cyborgs. A well-known fashion and industrial designer Marc Newson considers Google Glass may be a bad fashion add and a technology move, even though he agrees that the future lies in wearable tech gadgets. In a statement for The Verge, he said that there is a point where the fashion world laughs at the technology being implemented as fashion, because they simply don’t work.

However, the Explorers who have used Google Glasses have more feedback in dept. When a college student was involved in a fatal car accident in 2011, she couldn’t use her hands and legs anymore. She tried the Glass and she was able to overcome her challenges of finding directions to a place, taking pictures, listening to music, and sharing.

Some costumers argue that the gadget is very good for every day use, especially for news reporters who are allowed to capture the precious moments with a blink of an eye. Others find it hard to hear through the noisy environments and are unable to adjust the sound. Some complain that besides Google’s claim for a day long battery life, it could last for two hours if it records video for a long period of time.

Explorers didn’t end up with getting positive feedback for wearing Glass everywhere. When two business partners were in a coffee shop, the business owner approached them and expressed his opinion of discomfort for surveillance of his business. Glass also is very noticeable because most people don’t have it. Those who wear it are frequently stopped for taking pictures with strangers.

But Google doesn’t stop their ambitions, and Google Glass, even though it may be a bad fashion add, won’t be the only tech gadget. They said that they are also partnering with fashion accessory Fossil Group for making an internet-based wristwatch for Google Android software based devices. By giving it away for free and lowering the price of the devices, Google makes their products, available to a wide range of global consumers. Google Glass’s price as well, is expected to drop as more consumers are using it.

by Marija Makeska

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