HTC Corporation Unveils M8, Reviews Say Camera Fails the Phone

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Taiwan-based HTC Corporation unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the all-new HTC One (M8), on Tuesday. Reviews of the phone have been positive with many saying it is definitely better than its predecessor, the M7, but the poor quality of the camera has failed the phone.

Before the launch of the M8, the company had claimed that this would be “the best phone ever” to be introduced by HTC Corporation and had promised a larger, 5-inch-display smartphone with updated software, a faster processor and improved camera technology.

However, while the reviews say this is a winner in terms of design, build and performance, the camera has failed to impress. Most of the reviewers gave the phone a seven out of ten rating and said that had the camera resolution been better, the M8 could have easily scored a nine or a 9.5 rating.

Reviewer Zach Epstein said: “The colors in photos taken on the M8’s camera are often washed out and dull.” He said the phone was also lacking in clarity and added that a full-size image taken by M8 revealed blurred edges and “an unacceptable amount of noise.”

He said the software linked to the camera is impressive, its ability to refocus is also commendable, and the Sense 6 software is “fantastic.” He also added that the introduction of two cameras has also worked in the mobile phone’s favor, just as the automatic background blurring effect of the phone was one of the best he has ever seen.

Epstein said that in spite of all these good points, the HTC M8 fails to capture quality photos and videos. He said that with photo sharing on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter being hugely popular, an excellent-quality camera is crucial to any mobile device’s overall experience and success. He said, in this regard, the M8 “is quite poor,” when compared with competing devices.

According to him, HTC Corporation has failed to realize the true importance of camera quality and has been unable “to make significant progress.” He said that while rival smartphone firms are continuing “to add new camera features while simultaneously improving camera hardware and photo quality,” HTC Corporation has been lagging behind significantly. He predicted that due to this one big flaw,  the gap between HTC’s new phone and rival smartphones “will grow disappointingly wide in 2014.”

Reviewer Matthew Miller also had similar reviews about the new HTC Corporation’s newly unveiled M8. He said the phone was “much better” when compared to the M7 but the duo cameras had failed to do the trick for the phone.

Referring to the features of the phone, he said that “while some of these software enhancements are fun, their results can also be sketchy.” Miller said that Foregrounder and UFocus are the only two features that he would likely use, “while the rest are just silly gimmicks to me.”

In his review, Miller also said that while he understood that high megapixel figures are not the lone measure of image quality, HTC Corporation had it wrong when they said that “megapixels are a myth.” He was of the opinion the firm had made such a statement only “to justify their UltraPixel strategy, but just isn’t true.”

A great photo experience comes from the combination of camera sensors and lenses, megapixels, and camera software, he said. Compared to rivals like Nokia, Samsung and Apple, Miller said, the HTC M8 falls short.

HTC Corporation is banking on its M8 to regain some of the market it  lost to smartphone market leaders, Apple and Samsung. Whether or not the company’s efforts will translate into sales with the unveiling of its new flagship, the M8, remains to be seen. Nevertheless, with the reviews claiming the camera fails the phone, HTC Corporation should be worried.

By Faryal Najeeb


Information Week