iPhone 6 Expected to Be Biggest Launch for Apple

iPhone 6The rumor mill has already began to percolate with suggestions that the iPhone 6 is expected to be biggest ever launch for Apple Computer. There are already reports that the company will build more than 90 million handsets in 2014.

Wei Chen, who is an Analyst at Citigroup has said that Foxconn, which is an Apple supplier in China, is about to land a contract to assemble 90 million units of the iPhone 6s, and he also added that the unit is expected to outsell current models of the iPhones. The number of shipments is expected to increase by 23 percent in 2014, which is 10 percent higher than the increase seen last year.
The observers and commentators expected shipments of the iPhone 6 to begin in the fall, but the timing of the contract with Foxconn, may suggest that shipments may begin sooner.

50 million units of the iPhone 5S were sold after the launch in October of 2013. If Apple expects to sell 90 million units of the iPhone 6 by the end of the current year, the analysts surmise, that it can only be done with much higher demand, or an earlier release date, but growth in smart-phones is actually expected to be stable.

Apple has issued no statement nor commented about the release, which is expected to be the biggest launch in the company’s history, but the latest three versions of the phone were all released in September. Some retailers have already started to slash prices of the iPhone 5,  perhaps in anticipation of the release of the newer models, and  some very deep discounts are currently available.

While Apple has not confirmed that the Apple 6 will the company’s biggest ever launch, there are a few changes that are expected.
The new phone is expected to come with a bigger screen, as many competitive units, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, and Nexus are all featuring bigger screens. To fill the now- increasing demand, Apple is expected to increase the screen size of the iPhone 6 to 4.8 inches.

iPhone users continually complain of the short battery life and frequent recharging that is needed Suggestions are that sapphire glass displays with embedded solar cells will be used the augment the battery, so that the charging cycle can be extended.
There also are reports that Apple will release an iPhone, with a curved screen. This may a surprising move, but it may be that Apple believes that consumers may be ready for it. There also are some unconfirmed reports that enhanced sensors that are capable of detecting different pressure levels will be included in the touch screens.

Two new models of the iPhone 6 are expected , and the flagship model of the phone is expected to be accompanied  by the release of a new unit in the phablet category. A new more powerful and faster A8 processor which may already be in production in Taiwan is also be expected to be one of the main units to power the iPhone 6.

With all of the major advancements and added features, it is easy to envsion why Apple believes that sales of the Iphone will surpass other units. With the marketing muscle available, it is also conceivable that the launch of iPhone 6 can be expected to be the biggest for the company.

Written by Dale Davidson

The Week 

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