James Franco Did Not Sleep With Lindsay Lohan

James FrancoAccording to James Franco, he did not sleep with Lindsay Lohan, and is not happy that he was placed on her conquest list. He felt the need to protect his image after a list of over 30 Hollywood names was written on a piece of paper, reportedly by the Freaky Friday actress. There are many chances that some of the other names are wrong, but nobody else has stepped forward yet.

The list of lovers was written down while Lohan and a friend were enjoying some time together at the start of the year in the Beverly Hills Hotel. A witness reportedly saw her writing on a piece of paper and laughing about the various names she mentioned. The 27-year-old then left the paper on the table, and left the hotel with her friend. The witness just had to pick the piece of paper up and share it with In Touch magazine last month.

Some of the 36 names on the list seem questionable, and include the likes of Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutcher. There are some that could be possible, including Zac Efron. However, Franco makes it clear that he is definitely not that is right, at all. Is this someone trying to get the truth out, or trying to cover up a mistake that he made one night?

Many may question just how his name ended up on her list, but they were friends at one time. News got out that Lohan offered sex, but Franco made it clear in March 2013 that he did not sleep with her. He explained that when she propositioned him she was still in a bad place, and it felt strange for him.

He has, however, mentioned the Mean Girls actress in a recently book of poems. Moving Pictures/Moving Sculptures: The Films of James Franco covers a number of different celebrities. However, he is very clear that he says nothing bad about them. According to the 35-year-old actor, the made up list from Lohan is much worse than anything he has written in his compilation of poems.

When In Touch released the list, it decided to blur a number of the names. Those names were men who had wives and children, so it seemed in their best interest to protect their dignity. However, some of the blurred names were eventually released and included some that many people never expected to see, including Orlando Bloom and the late Heath Ledger.

So far, only Franco has spoken out about the list. The others may have decided to ignore it in the hopes that it would disappear in obscurity. It probably would have done had the 35-year-old actor not mentioned it lately during the interview. In fact, acknowledging it makes him look the guiltiest of all. The question is whether any of the others will now speak out about being on the list.

The list does not look good for Lohan either, who is currently trying to show that she is cleaning up her act. She could have done with as many friends on her side as possible, and this list is not helping her. According to Franco, he did not sleep with Lohan and it seems like the friendship may well and truly be over.

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