Joakim Noah Surprising Triple – Double Contribute to Bulls’ Win [Video]

The Chicago Bulls verses The New York Knicks seems to be a fairly matched game. However, Joakim Noah came out in tonight’s game with a fierce competitive spirit, and a surprising triple-double. Then, somehow this began to look like a complete mismatch. If not for the lackluster season The Knicks are having, most would find this win unexpected. The Bulls are expected to have lost some of their intensity with the absence of point guard Derek Rose. But, Noah took to the court tonight as a man on a mission. This brilliant center led his team to crushing defeat over Carmelo and The Knicks (109-90). He performed in a level that most are not used to seeing from him consistently. Noah puts it on the line every game but, tonight Noah played MVP ball that contributed to the Bulls win. This performance led him to his fifth triple-double of his career, and just the second of this season.

This game was like a free for all on the court and everyone was open all over the court. No matter where they seemed to be on the hardwood, Noah found them and that somehow contributed to The Bulls win. For some reason Noah was passing the ball like a point guard. Most onlookers found that one fact to be very impressive. Centers are not known for their passing or ball handling in the least bit. Nevertheless, Noah was passing like he channeled his leader Derek Rose from the bench, and surprisingly captured the triple-double. This man managed not only to score 13  points and 12  rebounds but he also racked up 14 assists. Now, the points and rebounds he scored in this game are not out of the ordinary. It is the fact that made history with his 14 assists. In fact, Noah is the fist to score that many assists since Sam Lacey back in ’78 to ’79 season.

Outside of Noah’s surprising triple-double in this game, his teammates took care of business also. It appeared to be all hands on deck. Everyone contributed to that amazing team win. The Bulls managed to set a franchise record by only turning the ball over three times. That amazing attention to detail enabled them to tack another win to their win column. It is very seldom that The Bulls of this era play so fluently, and set the franchise records, have multiple players in double figures and have a season high of seven games above .500.

This teams record is (33 – 26), which is a great improvement since January. Although, it may not seem too impressive to some, it is a strong statement to the Eastern Division. They have most definitely made it clear to their competitors that they are not to be taken seriously. The fact that their captain Rose will sit out the season does not make them a non-factor. Their coach, Tom Thibodeau, feels that they are surprisingly coming into their own playing to their strengths and are very healthy. Most commentators and analysts that know the game will tell folks that a healthy Bulls team is a dangerous one. Furthermore, if Noah continues to play at this level every game they will be pretty hard to stop. His teammates say Noah is playing like an MVP and is tending to all facets of the game and that will lead him to another spectacular game. Who knows, he might surprise Chicago with another triple-double that will contribute to yet another Bulls win.

By: Schelett Rickenbacker

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