Justin Bieber Jr. Is the World Ready for This Child?

Justin Bieber

In an interview with Hollywood Life, controversial music star Justin Bieber revealed his plans to have kids with his girlfriend Selena Gomez in the future. However, judging from Bieber’s recent behavior and scandalous life, most people are wondering whether the world is ready for another one like him. Justin Bieber is not new to controversy; last year alone, he was accused of spitting into a water bottle belonging to North Carolina radio host Collette Harrington, having a child with a 25-year-old woman in Miami, threatening a photographer, abusing drugs, and so on. At a time like this when the world is getting fed up with the ceaseless scandals surrounding the youngster’s life, the last thing they want to hear is the arrival of Justin Beiber Jr.

In most cases, the arrival of a newly-born child creates the right mood for celebrations and as much as most fans would love to see Justin Bieber Jr., the young superstar does not seem to be ready for it. The problem is not about Bieber having a child. In fact, he has the right to do so anytime he feels like as long as he can support it but according to most fans, Justin needs to get his act together before thinking of having a child. As long as he continues behaving like a kid in public, the Baby singer should not rush to create another one just like him.

Before Justin became unruly, he was rated among the fastest rising teenage celebrities in the world. He had pure talent and the will to learn even greater things in the music industry but it seems he was not well-prepared for the money and fame. Any man in the world can be a father but it takes a lot of effort and discipline to be called a good a husband.

Additionally, there is more to being a husband than taking care of a child’s financial needs. It is the wish of every child to have a parent who has a positive reputation in the eyes of the public. The Boyfriend singer needs to understand that controversy sells in the music industry but its profits are disastrous. Perhaps, he could take a few lessons from celebrity husbands like Jay-Z, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Vin Diesel and Will Smith before introducing Justin Bieber Jr. to the whole world.

Sources close to Selena reveal that the beautiful American songstress has been advised several times to dump Bieber because his star is growing dimmer every day as a result of the negative publicity. Just recently, renowned American basketball player Kobe Bryant joined the list of celebrities who do not have kind words for Justin Bieber by revealing that the youngster’s career is headed for the worst if he does not change  some of his recent bad behaviors. Bryant rose to fame while still young and now that he is 35 years old, he probably understands the kind of things that prevent young talented superstars from achieving their life-long dreams. If Justin Bieber decides to ignore the advice and continues behaving like a child despite his global fame, he should then forget the thoughts of creating another one just like him, at least for now.

Opinion By: Andrew Wandola


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5 Responses to "Justin Bieber Jr. Is the World Ready for This Child?"

  1. Kirill   June 26, 2014 at 8:47 pm

    Weep it is thier chose not yours everybody

  2. m l   March 29, 2014 at 3:46 pm

    a 25 year old woman claimed Justin fathered her baby. clearly not true or she would be after him for a big payday. how does this qualify as a scandal for Justin. if he did it then yes but he didn’t. this is the second woman trying to use this ploy for a big payday. so are the pops.

  3. Wandola Amoth   March 27, 2014 at 12:14 am

    Now that makes sense. I hope Justin will behave himself or risk watching the “Parental License” bill being approved.

  4. Jen   March 26, 2014 at 8:13 am

    There really needs to be a license to have children. What a scary thought if these 2 fools have a child. They are messed up. What a disgrace.

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