Kanye West Replaces Chris Brown in Anger Management [Video]

Kanye sentenced on charges of battery and grand theftRecently Chris Brown left anger management headed to jail. Is this the next step for Kanye West? In November 2013 Brown was ordered to go through 90 days of anger management treatment and perform community service at a live-in facility. On Friday Brown was arrested after being kicked out of the Malibu rehab program.

There were a range of incidents described by Judge James Brandlin for Brown’s recent change in residence including Brown’s inappropriate touching of a woman, failure to take a drug test and making threats during a therapy session. Just a few days following Brown’s removal from anger management Kanye was ordered to anger management treatment for a series of his repeated antics.

On Monday Kanye reached a no-contest plea deal over a July 19 scuffle with Daniel Ramos, a photographer, at the Los Angeles International Airport. In exchange for the attempted grand theft charges being dropped Kanye agreed to two years probation. The rapper must also finish 24 anger management classes, complete 250 hours of community service and stay at least 100 yards away from Ramos.

After allegedly attacking the paparazzo photographer Kanye was hit with charges of attempted grand theft and criminal battery. He originally pled not guilty. The incident which led to the charges was caught on camera. The recorded footage showed Kanye in a huff encountering a group of paparazzi and putting Ramos in the headlock before wrestling him to the ground.

Ramos told the court that Kanye, who he says was not provoked, punched him and during a scuffle wrestled his camera to the ground. Ramos said Kanye should be sent to jail because he was just doing his job while Kanye was breaking the law. The photographer said if the tables were turned he would be behind bars for doing something like that. Instead, he is still taking medication for his injuries relating to this incident.

Ramos then told the court he is afraid Kanye will retaliate because of comments the rapper made in October on  Jimmy Kimmel. Kanye told the Kimmel it is not safe for paparazzi in this zoo, and they should not think for one second that he is not a Chicago native.

The sentence Kanye received was subpar according to Ramos. Each of the original counts carried a potential $1,000 fine or maximum of six months in jail.

These antics seemed to be a pattern for Kanye. He was arrested in September 2008 for another tussle with photographers inside of a LAX terminal. The angered rapper agreed to pay for the photographer’s equipment he had broken and to complete anger management treatment. As a result the cases were dismissed.

In January 2014 Kanye was accused of assaulting an 18-year-old in a Beverly Hills medical office. Supposedly the teen used a racial slur in a disagreement with Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s fiancé, and this set Mr. West off. Kanye reached a civil settlement in this case.

There have been several other instances where Kanye displayed signs of one in need of anger management. This leaves Yeezus fans around the globe hoping jail is not the next step for this famed, but angry, musician.

Kanye has pleaded no contest to the charges but maintains his innocence. He was charged with misdemeanor counts of grand theft and battery after a July altercation at LAX with photographer Daniel Ramos. The plea was entered through Kanye’s attorney; the rapper did not attend the court hearing on Monday.

Kanye was sentenced to two years of probation, 250 hours of community service and 24 anger management therapy sessions. Chris Brown, on the other hand, was sent to jail. An L.A. County judge denied the R&B singer bail until a hearing April 23 to determine whether Brown has violated his probation.


 By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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