Katy Perry – Who Is She?


On March 5, Katy Perry tried her hand at forecasting the weather on Australia’s Sunrise. Apparently, this was not Perry’s finest hour. However, she did create quite a funny atmosphere. From referring to all the temperatures as “Fahrenheit,” rather than the Centigrade scale – she was really proving a point that music was her true calling. Among her many fumbles was her hilarious referral to the Australian city of Hobart as “Hogwarts.”

For some time, societies the world over have thought of Americans as stupid. This display did little to better the world or its inhabitants in any way. If Perry’s aim was to waste everyone’s time making herself look less than intelligent, then she was successful. As if this were not enough, Katy Perry went on to revisit a situation between she and Miley Cyrus, proving her true level of maturity. The moral of the story, folks: money and fame do little to foster intelligence or class of any kind.

The current generation is fascinated by disrespect and low-class behavior. Trending now is an attitude of over inflated self-worth and lack of discretion. Who is Katy Perry beneath the insanity? Who is this young woman when she is not sporting spinning cupcake breasts?

Her name is Katherine Elizabeth Hudson, who was born on October 25,1984 in Santa Barbara, California. Her upbringing was conservative, but Katy did not choose the same path as that of her parents. She eventually chose her own way in life, but one thing remained – Katy’s love for music.

As a child, Katy Perry did much to use her talents. Whether she was writing songs or singing in church, she kept her dream alive by never losing sight of it. This proved that no matter what, she stayed true to her passion. While many allow the ebb and flow of life to change their course, Katy stood firm. Eventually her path took her to Nashville, Tennessee where she recorded her first album, which was actually a Christian album.

That album did not give Katy the success that she was anticipating. No one knew about Katherine Hudson until she burst on the scene as the artist who “kissed a girl and liked it.” This was a drastic turn from her previous career in Christian music. Somewhere between the life she left behind and the person she is now is where she left her…the real Katy.

While she is a woman of multiple talents, she seems to have, just like so many others, compromised herself in the name of fame and stardom. Yet another generation of young men and women look to Katy as an icon and role model. At one point in time, role models were astronauts and policemen. Some children aspired to be teachers, doctors, and lawyers. As times are changing, so are the expectations placed on those who strive to succeed.

This is not to say that Katy Perry is not successful. She is incredibly successful and talented. She has accomplished a great deal in the eyes of the mainstream. However, whether she is swinging from a jungle vine, issuing forth her “roar” or creating a shambles of the weather report, one cannot help but wonder-who is Katy Perry?

By J.A. Johnson


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