Kim Kardashian Finally Makes ‘Vogue’ Cover

Kim KardashianIt has been something she has wanted for a long time, but Kim Kardashian has finally made the front cover of U.S. Vogue. According to the reality TV show star it is a dream come true.

She was not alone. Her fiance, Kanye West, is also pictured on the cover, and the two look ready to tie the knot in May. The 33-year-old celebrity is even wearing a white strapless wedding gown, although there is no confirmation of whether this is the same style has her wedding dress for her upcoming big day.

Almost every celebrity wants to be featured on Vogue, especially those in fashion design or who run their own labels. It would make sense for Kardashian to want to be featured, but she may have thought it would never happen. She started her journey to this point earnestly last year when she was spotted at the Met Ball talking to Anna Wintour, the magazine’s editor.

As soon as the cover was posted on the fashion bible’s website, the reality star showed her excitement on Twitter. She expressed how it is a “dream come true” and seemed exceptionally happy with the cover photo decision. The headline for the couple’s slot in the magazine does not give much away, except that it will be about their lives together.

The cover spot is on the April edition and is likely due to their upcoming wedding. On the Vogue cover that Kardashian has finally made, it does mentioned the Twitter hashtag about them being the most talked about couple.

The feature will likely involve a lot of talk about their wedding, if the couple is willing to give anything away. So far, very little has been shared about the May wedding, except the date, general location and a few expectations from guests and each other. Guardian Liberty Voice has previously reported that the soon to be married couple is expecting all guests to sign a confidentiality agreement and hand in their phones on the day. They want to keep their day as intimate and private as possible. They do not want a repeat of the YouTube video of West’s proposal.

It could also be that they have offered exclusivity to E! Entertainment, which is expected to air a 2-part special of the day. It was previously rumored to stream the wedding live for viewers, but it looks like the couple have decided to do something different from Britain’s royal couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton, who did have their wedding aired live in April 2011.

The exact location of the wedding is still under wraps. While they have confirmed Paris, there are many options in the City of Love. However, they want an intimate affair with their family and close friends, so do not want a media circus outside.

Most of the plans for the day have now been finalized, so it is just a case of waiting and ensuring everything runs smoothly. Of course, there will be other interviews and public appearances, similar to the one for Vogue, which Kardashian has finally made the cover of.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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