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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s 28th birthday is not the only thing she should be celebrating, as she takes control in G.U.Y. -An ARTPOP Film. Last week she released her video for G.U.Y. This video is a whopping 11 minutes long, and contains an ARTPOP reprise, Venus, G.U.Y., and MANiCURE. The video is a powerful representation of woman scorned. The video was directed by Lady Gaga herself, as recent events have made her lose her trust in others she is working with.

Lady Gaga’s career has taken a lot of hits in the past year. Her brutal split with Akon made her question where she was on the charts. Akon reported that he was simply done with her, and did not think that there was any way but down for mother monster. His choice of words, “In short, I decided to sell my share and get out before it was too late,” makes the popstar, and human being, sound like she is just a stock share. Though Lady Gaga never takes no for an answer, and will not let any man tell her how to live. Her new 11 minute and 45 second video, G.U.Y. is a testament to that.

The video opens to a score of men, donning formal work attire, fighting in a pit in the ground. They wrestle and wrangle dollar bills from the ground. Pushing each other and grabbing every bill that they can. Lady Gaga, now a broken angel, lays in the pit alone. The men flee with their money, as she forces herself from the pit and to her feet.

The men are representative of all of the people who have tried to control Lady Gaga, and make her name what they wanted it to be to make money. By doing this they have broken her will. She may be down but she is not out. She makes her way to a sanctuary (The Hearst Castle) and is carried in by two men wearing black rubber rain ponchos. Venus cuts in and she is ceremonially resurrected by the inhabitants of the dance party temple. There is a theme present of bright whiteness. This is Lady Gaga telling us that she is starting over. She is wiping herself clean of past experiences, and moving on with a whole new energy and drive. The party worshipers represent her fans, gathering together and nourishing her, healing her wounds.

When she has become fully refreshed, G.U.Y. pumps through the speakers. Lady Gaga is ready to take control, and she is looking for revenge. This song gives the impression that Lady Gaga may have some sort of desire to be a man, but upon looking deeper you see that she wants to hold the traits normally placed on men. Lady Gaga gathers her femme fatale posse and hits the road to find the men who took her identity and traded it for money. They enter the office building. Their garb is now dark, featuring mother monster herself in a intimidating crown of crow feathers. Lady Gaga and her posse overtake the office building, taking control like “G.U.Y.’s.”

This video goes to show the passion and dedication mother monster has for her “little monsters.” Lady Gaga continues to work hard for her fans no matter what hardships she is facing in her personal life. She lives her life as the fame monster, cultivating herself as a beacon of acceptance and freedom. G.U.Y is a good sign that Lady Gaga will be in control of her career for a while yet!

By Joshua Shane

Rolling Stone

Entertainment Wise

G.U.Y. Video, YouTube

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  1. lisa   March 29, 2014 at 9:05 pm

    Sounds like what im going threw ,What a plan .Bravo Mother Monster and her babies…

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