Miley Cyrus Plus Justin Bieber Equals Disaster

Miley Cyrus

In a laboratory, there are some chemicals that explode when mixed with others but in the world of entertainment, disasters occur when two like-minded, tough headed and unruly celebrities date each other. Some few months ago, there were rumors that Miley Cyrus and Canadian superstar Justin Bieber were actually related but such reports have not yet been confirmed. In fact, very few people will be surprised to find out that these two celebrities are related to each other because they have a striking resemblance and behavior.

However, there is no other news that sounds sicker than the idea of Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus dating each other. This news is worth creating a mood similar to the one witnessed when a plane crashed into the World Trade Center during the 9/11 terrorist attack. Most people are fed up with the antics of these two celebrities and if joined together in the name of dating, then the world is doomed.

As if sent on a secret mission, Miley prefers spanking dwarves, twerking uncontrollably, shamelessly mocking her advisors and sticking out her unusually long tongue. On the other hand, his lookalike  Justin Bieber thinks it is cool to spit on people’s water bottles, drink while driving, harassing paparazzi, abandoning monkeys, throwing eggs at neighbor’s houses, spraying graffiti and turning up late for shows. While some people may not care what Bieber and Miley do to themselves, they will be concerned when they hear the news of these two uncontrollable celebrities having a child together.

Bieber will definitely win the award of the “Worst Celebrity Father Alive” and his supposed wife Miley will scoop the “Worst Celebrity Mother Alive” category if the two decide to settle down together in the future. So far, Justin has proved that he does not really care what people think about him. As much as this attitude might be helpful especially in the modern generation where people seem to mind other people’s business more than they should, it has its own limits.

Bieber’s business will remain to be Bieber’s business as long as whatever he does affects only him. However, if his acts affect the people around him, that automatically becomes everyone’s business. The same case applies to Miley Cyrus. The 21-year-old songstress is currently making headlines all over the world for ignoring a dying girl’s last wish.

Miley Hodge is suffering from bone cancer and according to doctors, the poor girl has only four to six months to live and her last wish was to meet either Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus. However, after discovering that it is was quite difficult to meet Justin, Miley was the only available option.

Her family had to travel to Los Angeles to hold talks with Miley but they did not succeed. They finally meet the celebrity singer at the recording studio but surprisingly, she snubbed the little girl. She seemed more focused on her music career than the plight of a young innocent girl who may not have much time to live unlike Miley.

The good news is that it is never too late for these two celebrities to change. Their recent behavior is quite similar to the action film Hancock where Will Smith’s supernatural powers make him a complete nuisance to society. He rarely touches anything without destroying it or attracting the wrath of local residents but after realizing how much his activities hurt the people around him, he decides to apologize and later becomes the people’s hero.

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber still have excellent singing talents but they should learn to stay out of controversy and live harmoniously with other people. If they decide to change, apologize for their mistakes and reconcile with the people they have hurt before, they will surely save the world from an impending disaster.

Opinion By Andrew Wandola


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