Mississippi Regains Title of Most Obese State in America

Mississippi Regains Title of Most Obese State in America

Mississippi has regained the dubious title of being the most obese state in America. It had been knocked from the top spot by West Virginia for three years but it has gotten back the title because a new Gallup poll has found that Mississippi has more overweight residents per capita than any other in the United States.

Gallup has taken this type of poll each year since back in 2008. They spoke with just over 178,070 adults who were asking about their weight and height. The polling company analyzed each survey contributor’s body mass index, which is also known as their BMI. If a person has a BMI over the number of 30, he or she is thought to be obese.

Oddly, this news arrives about a year to the date that the Mississippi governing body stated disappointment with the government trying to pass regulation over diet habits. They passed “The anti-Bloomberg Bill” with a majority of backing from both Republicans and Democrats. The bill came into being as a slam against the prior mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg who wanted an NYC ban on super-sized soda drinks which was ultimately blocked by a judge. The bill stopped any cities or towns from being able to limit just how much those who lived in Mississippi may eat or drink. The governor of Mississippi signed the bill into law only seven days after the judge had ruled against Mayor Bloomberg.

While Mississippi was considered the fattest state, West Virginia was not far behind. Mississippi showed an obesity rate of nearly 35.5 percent of their population. So they did not beat West Virginia by much with that state coming in at 34 percent.

At the other end of the list, Montana was named the state that had the lowest levels of obesity. Their range had went from 22 percent in 2012 down to just over 19.5 percent. However, on a national scale, the obesity proportion went from 26 percent to just over 27 percent.

The poll also stated that people who lived in the ten most obese states were more likely to have long term illnesses, including depression, diabetes and cancer.

Mike Cashion, who is the chief executive administrator for a restaurant association located in Mississippi, told the general public in March of 2013 that if one was to examine how menus have changed, whether it be in family restaurants or fast food joints, that person would see there are many new healthy options. Cashion added that it came about not because of what the government had said but was happening due to buyer request. The food industry is on that always responds to what is wanted in the marketplace.

Mississippi has also been labeled as one of the poorest states in America and numerous studies show that there is a very high link between obesity and poverty. The poll also discovered that the most obese states had larger amounts of diabetes, cancer and depression.

With such high rates of obesity and poverty, it really is no surprise that Mississippi has regained the dubious title of being the most obese state in America.

By Kimberly Ruble


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