Moov the New Wave of Fitness


The new wave of health and fitness technology is on the rise. There are many different fitness devices for the smart phones and gaming consoles. Therefore, there is no shortage of what to choose from. Most of these devices do a lot of the same things. So, Nikola Hu ex- Apple Engineer and Meng Li ex- Industrial Designer for Microsoft Research dared to be different with the development of their new device Moov. This device has taken Nike Sensor and other similar applications and made them obsolete. The functions of this device are innovative and will revolutionize how the common individual works out. It is a small disc that comes with an adjustable band similar to a watch that can attach to the wrist, ankle or arm. However it can also be removed and attached to different objects like; shoes, golf clubs, or bicycles. Moov is a fitness tracker that can track every aspect of ones workout. That data is tracked and stored on either the smartphone or tablet via the Moov App.

Moov is easily being considered the closest thing to a personal trainer that technology can possibly offer. It can easily be considered the new wave of fitness. This device gives tips on how to optimize the workout, and helpful advice on how to stay safe. For example, if someone has the device strapped to their wrist while boxing, it may tell them to adjust the release of the punch. Delivering a punch incorrectly on a heavy bag can result in a major injury. However, the most common use for the device is running, and Moov will often tell runners to land softly. Landing softly as a runner can prevent injuries also. The ability to aid and assist in the safety and performance of the work out is not all Moov can do.

Moov is fully capable of completing multiple functions at one time creating the difference in monitoring and coaching. It is designed to be worn or mounted and can be incorporated into five workouts. Moove’s ability to monitor form and incorporate real- time coaching further optimizes the five workouts. Furthermore, this device has a unique three-dimensional motion sensor, and as an added bonus it is also waterproof.

The functionality of this product provides the diversity of the five most common workouts average people do. These five exercises are cycling, boxing, running, swimming, and body weight training.  However, because it’s unique ability to monitor form, yoga and golf are also options.

Cycling – Moov measures the overall bike ride and also gives feedback and coaching on the cadence. It is a feature designed to optimize the bike ride by giving necessary tips. It can be inserted on the bike pedal or shoe.

Boxing – This feature monitors accuracy and power based on certified trainers. It tracks form and allows the user to get instant tips on necessary adjustments. This is the best way outside of personal training to optimize precision and efficiency. For the complete monitoring function it is necessary to have a Moov device on each wrist.

Running- This feature tacks cadence and monitors landing impact. Measuring the landing impact is indented to prevent injury. It also learns running DNA. For this workout Moov will mount on the shoe or strap on the ankle.

Swimming- Features of Moov on swimming is basically designed to analyze stroke. Not only does it analyze stroke but also it monitors form when synced after the swim. Plus, the Moov app actually records the progress. This work out suggests the Moov be worn on the wrist.

Body Weight Training – This feature counts push-ups; pull ups, and helps build muscle with trainer led workouts. For best results with this exercise Moov is worn on the arm or wrist.

Yoga – This feature utilizes the ability to monitor form. It helps the user establish balance and center of gravity. Plus, the monitors allow for one to improve technique and posture. The Moov is to be worn on the wrist for this.

Golf- Using Moov to improve golf helps with swing and drive. Moov gives a detailed analysis and real-time assistance. The Moov device is to be attached to the actual club.

The many options that this device provides positions it in a class of its own. With all the interesting features most consumers would assume this is a pricey product. However, if customers would like to pre-order Moov it is $59.95 for a single and $99.95 for two. However, there will be an increase on the price when production begins it will be $120 for a single, and $200 for a double. Nonetheless, with a device so multi- dimensional it is worth every dollar. The development of this new fitness tracking technology will undoubtedly make its customers want to Moov. After all, everyone wants to be  apart of the new wave of fitness.

By: Schelett Rickenbacker

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