New Medical Imaging Device Maps Chakras

 Medical Imaging Device A new medical imaging device based on Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) is designed to measure the human energy field with a desktop camera and map the alignment of chakras, or energy centers in a person’s body. Called Bio-Well, the small device was invented by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, a Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg Federal Research University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Bio-Well has already been approved by the Russian Ministry of Health and received its registration as a routine medical diagnostic device. According to Dr. Korotkov, the research that went into his invention is based on the ancient Chinese system of energy meridians. The purpose of the device is to evaluate and highlight potential physical and psychological abnormalities which, as is believed in Chinese medicine, can be identified by the energy field of the body. The science behind the function of the medical imaging device is based around GDV, a concept discovered and pioneered by Dr. Korotkov, was inspired by Kirlian photography.

Though it has been examined in mainstream scientific research, the small amount of provable science surrounding Krilian photography has been overshadowed by the overwhelming amount of fringe science and paranormal health claims. Semyon Kirlian himself, who discovered the technique which carries his name, believed the images he created showed an energy that reflected the physical and emotional states of living beings, and hoped it could be used to diagnose disease.

New Medical Imaging Device Maps Chakras The images it produces of the chakra system in a person’s body are related to Ayurvedic medicine. In this system each chakra, or ball of energy, is believed to resonate at a different frequency level, and is located at a specific point along the spinal column. Many practices such as yoga and meditation, and forms of alternative and integrative medicine refer to the chakras in their assessment of health and wellness.

Bio-Well utilizes hardware and software to record, process, and interpret the GDV images of a human with a painless electric charge off the human finger in a fraction of a second. This new form of medical imaging relies on the belief that certain sectors of the fingertip correspond to specific organs and systems in the body, and with this reading the software of the device maps the chakras and the energy through the entire body.

With a the special “Sputnik” attachment the medical imaging device is also able to map the energy of an environment. The attachment looks something like 3D asterisk fixed to a miniature camera tripod, and supposedly it is able to read the energy of an area, enabling users to compare, for instance, the state of a room before and after someone has been meditating there to see how the energy levels change.

If all of this sounds highly questionable, the purpose, function and method used in the device are backed by an impressive range of research. Conducted by experts in the fields of bio-energy, environment, music, medicine, psychology, and sports, these studies and articles are linked on the Bio-Well website for skeptics to examine. The site also has the new medical imaging device for sale, listed at $850 USD, so any home user can actually map their own chakras, though in order to use the Bio-Well they must pay for a subscription to access the algorithm that interprets the results.

By Mimi Mudd

National University of Informational Technologies
James Randi Educational Foundation

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