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There is nothing like the smell of breakfast in the morning; fresh pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Apparently, the good folks at Oscar Mayer share that same feeling, because they have created a bacon alarm. This alarm is not just any ordinary alarm. Anyone who purchases this iPhone app will get to wake up to sizzling bacon cooking in the morning, noon, or night. It is a tease that will eventually make some mad, hungry or both.

This creation was the brainchild of Phil Roudenbusch who is a self-proclaimed bacon enthusiast. His obsession with bacon has led him to establish The Oscar Mayer Institute for the Advancement of Bacon. This fictional institution has been the cornerstone for many marketing campaigns with the brand. It is no wonder he woke up and smelled the bacon.

The Oscar Mayer Wake Up and Smell The Bacon alarm has two unique functionalities as previously stated. It has the ability to simulate the sound of bacon cooking, and the ability to emit the bacon aroma. Some may be wondering how their phone will emit this bacon smell, and how come nobody knew. Well to ease the minds of those curious, it is an attachment that plugs into the headphone jack emitting the smell. There is also a Wake Up and Smell The Bacon application available to download in the iTunes store. However, it is only available for iPhones. Another setback to this product is that it will not ever hit the market. The only way one can obtain this product is through a giveaway on the website. They are excepting applications up until April 4.

The hype surrounding this product it at an all time high, because the commercial play out like movie. It gives of the feeling of an old timey love story like Casa Blanca. The commercial starts with this woman at a restaurant reading the menu and see there is no bacon, and she looks sad. There is enchanting music and the background as she walks to the window to whiteness bacon raining from the sky. Phil Roudenbusch is narrating the movie in and sensual alluring voice. Throughout the commercial she is on a bacon journey that lands her back in her bed somehow.

The beautiful woman lying in bed suddenly awakened by the sound, and smell of bacon in the morning is selling the vision. The poetry that Phil is narrating creates the imagery. One his best lines in the commercial is in the darkest night your nostrils north star awaits you. Then he continues with when your imagination blooms on the scent be your guide to the greatest awakening, wake up.

Oscar Mayer has now created the biggest need for bacon lovers everywhere to imagine waking up to a bacon alarm. This is whole campaign is intended to drive more traffic to there crisp bacon everywhere it is sold.

Sorry, most bacon lovers will never get a chance to indulge in the Wake Up and Smell The Bacon alarm. Sadly, Oscar Mayer ‘s has decided everyone does not deserve to experience it. They might just have to settle for the real thing, which is not a bad consolation.


By: Schelett Rickenbacker

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