Oscar Swag Bag Makes Everyone a Winner


The Oscars is an exciting event that only comes once a year, and much like Christmas, everyone walks away a winner with the Oscar swag bag. A swag bag is filled with freebies that could be worth up to $80,000. The swag includes vacation packages, spa treatments, gourmet foods, jewelry and even low price point items that are unique and new on the market.

The recipients of the Oscar swag bag may be winners, but the companies nominated for a spot in the infamous gift bag may go home empty handed. Choosing items for the Oscar swag bag are a production almost as big as the Academy Awards show itself. Each item goes through a screening process by the marketing group Distinctive Assets, the company that produces the gift bag for the awards show. Companies will spend thousands of dollars to campaign for their product, as well as pay a fee to Distinctive Assets for placement in the bag. Public relation firms are hired to create impressive presentations about why the powers that be should include their product in the Oscar swag bag. Each company has to submit several non-returnable samples of their products for review by the swag bag team.

The ultimate reward for spending the money to promote products and to do all the leg work for a place in the Oscar swag bag is to possibly get a photograph with a companies product in the hands of a celebrity. Having a celebrity become a fan of the company’s product could mean big rewards. The cost for campaigning a product could run up to $15,000 for some, but if a company gets celebrity buzz the rewards can be huge. Orders could rise and calls from major retailers could be in demand. The celebrities may never see the final swag bag. Some opt to forgo the gift since the lavish gifts are considered taxable income.

The products that will be found in  the Oscar swag bag, this year, run the gamut from extremely lavish to quite unusual. Some items include; American handmade luxury shoes by Max Martin, 10 Sessions with Huntley Drive Fitness,a trip to Koloa Landing Resort in Hawaii, his and her Mace pepper spray, exotic wines and foods, pet products, and the list goes on. Approximately, 40 different gifts in the form of certificates and actual product will be found the Oscar swag bag. One of the more bizarre items found in the swag bag this year is the O-Shot, a procedure to help improve a woman’s sex drive. The swag bag will also feature a $16,000 gift certificate for hair replacement procedure called ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System.

All the nominees and presenters for the 2014 Academy Award will be handed a voucher for a gift basket, which they will receive the day after the awards show. No doubt finding a high priced Oscar swag bag on one’s doorstep the morning after the awards show will make everyone feel like a winner.

by Christina Thompson

Business Insider