Road Rage Spins Driver Out of Control [Video]

Road rage causes immediate karma responseA road rage incident in Tampa, Florida results with the angry driver’s truck against a pole. The incident occurred on Monday on State Route 41 within a residential area. The woman, who happened to record the road rage incident on her phone, says the guy was tailgating her for nearly three minutes on a road that was wet and slick. The woman known as Florida Driver caught the turn of events on video. This video has since gone viral.

The woman said after about one minute into this guy aggressively driving behind her she decided to take out her phone and record her experience. She said at the time she could not switch lanes because trucks were in the right lane and she did not want to speed up on the slick roads and risk an accident herself. The woman said just as she was about to turn left, about a half mile later, she saw him lose control.

The pick-up truck driver, 33-year-old Jeffery Travis White is seen in the video passing the woman in the right lane while pausing long enough to give her the “finger” when all of a sudden he began to spin out of control.

The woman said the guy had already passed a truck in a lane designated for left turns; he tailgated her while driving recklessly on the wet road. She said the video will show that she never mouthed off at him one time, prior to his demise. This woman continued by saying she never even hit her brakes to get him off her tail. She just kept her eyes on the road, with one hand holding her phone recording while he continued to behave ignorantly. She never even knew he put his middle finger up at her until she watch the video back because she was not looking at him.

Florida Driver said just after the aggressor passed her and went to change lanes he lost control of his black Ford pick-up truck and spun out into a grassy median before slamming into a pole. In the video the woman can be heard laughing while yelling, “That’s what you get!”

It did not end there, the woman turned around to go back to the “accident” and snap a picture of White’s license plate; which she turned over to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

The man fled the scene initially, but thanks to this Florida Driver and her phone White was caught and charged. The woman said she gives props to the Highway Patrol who responded to the scene but also to the Sheriffs’ Department. She said this could have ended in someone’s death and the laughing heard at the end of the video would have been crying instead.

Road rage happens far too often where the angry driver passes by and either spurts out curse words or flips the other the bird as if they are wrong for driving the speed limit. Usually the innocent party simply inhales and exhales slowly but keeps driving knowing one day karma will answer for them.

This is what this Tampa woman expected but was unfortunately rewarded differently as karma chose to show up immediately. This “instant karma” happened before the woman could even think to stop recording; just as if it wanted the world to see the results.

A road rage incident in Tampa, Florida resulted with the angry driver’s truck sliding through a grassy median before landing against a pole. A woman, who pulled out her phone to record the incident, says the guy tailgated her for nearly three minutes on a road that was wet and slick. Florida Driver said she had never seen karma come back so fast. The road rage video, which has since gone viral, can be seen below.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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