Robert German Homicide Precedes Double Suicide

robert german

Robert German, a Windermere police officer in central Florida, was reportedly shot at 4 a.m. this morning after attempting to stop two pedestrians for questioning. According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, German, 31, had called in a description of a man and a woman. As other deputies arrived on the scene, his body was found. Shots were then allegedly fired before the discovery of two additional bodies by those responding to the officer’s call for help. It was proclaimed to the press that the two bodies fit the descriptions from German, and that they had also shot themselves.

Orange County Deputy Sheriff Jerry Demings told reporters that German had radioed for assistance to communicate what he believed to be two suspicious persons walking on the road. When Windermere police responded to the call they found the officer fatally wounded. Sheriff Demings went on to say that this shock to the community would continue to be investigated. The bodies of the two deceased suspects, however, were not made public. According to the sheriff, the officer killed in the line of duty was more than worthy of the badge. Reportedly, he was just back on the beat after recuperating from an injury. German had been with the Florida police force for nearly five years.

With the recent press conferences, it is coming to light that the death of Robert German, at the hands of two suspects who had committed suicide after murdering the police officer, is a great loss to the community of the Orlando suburb. Mayor Gary Bruhn made a public statement affirming that both the county and the town’s heart is broken at the suffering of such a terrible and inconceivable tragedy. He announced his comments on behalf of all Windermere inhabitants and elected officials. A myriad of residents were reported to have stopped by the police station in order to offer their condolences by dropping off flowers. Saying that his heart went out to them, the mayor reiterated his support for the family of the departed.

Few neighbors talked to local reporters about the homicide of Robert German as they tried to extend their remembrances of the beneficent public servant. All were very somber and in shock, unable to believe that somebody so young could have his life taken from him in such a ghastly manner. He was in the prime of his career, one local said. To have everything so violently dislodged from one’s life seems to have cast a harrowing wave over the entire community of Windermere. The town has been stricken completely with an awful grief for which there is no one to point fault nor hold responsible.

The homicide of Robert German and the eventual suicide of his suspected killers presents an astonishing anomaly for the community, as well as for the rest of the media and viewing public. There is no case to send to trial, and there are no witnesses to testify in court; both the plaintiff and the defendant have been killed. Without many answers nor solutions remaining in this case, all there is left to do for the community of Windermere is to grieve and to somehow, move on.

By Bryan William Myers

New York Daily News
SF Gate

3 Responses to "Robert German Homicide Precedes Double Suicide"

  1. Bruce   March 23, 2014 at 5:59 am

    @Willy: You pat yourself on the back and pretend the family reads these comments or cares about your empathy or sympathy, while I decry the state of the Fourth Estate in the 21st Century. You are a twit and a part of the problem. Probably a regular Guardian reader.

  2. Willy   March 23, 2014 at 1:32 am


    This article grammatically was beyond painful to read, that being said the premise of the story about German’s death was even more painful to read about. My thoughts are for his family right now. Maybe y’all on that side of the pond need a reminder.

  3. Bruce   March 23, 2014 at 12:04 am

    I’m curious what qualifications, if any, Bryan William Myers has as a journalist. This is the most poorly-written article I have read in any professional publication in quite some time.

    For instance, “bodies” haven’t been “made public” since the days of the Old Wild West. Mr. Myers surely meant “identities” of the deceased suspects. May I suggest less effort spent on florid writing in exchange for better basic reporting of the facts…about a crime that occurred in Florida, as reported in the Nevada edition of a British media conglomerate?

    On second thought, how about y’all just stick to your side of the Atlantic? We have enough bad journalism over here without any additional posers in the mix.


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