Russia Crimea Robbery Just the Beginning

Russia Crimea Robbery Just the BeginningThe Russia Crimea robbery is just the beginning. Putin’s grasp on the Crimean peninsula tightened when his troops arrived at the border of Ukraine. He will likely continue to pursue his need for power.

“This is robbery on an international scale,” says the Prime Minister of Ukraine “Crimea has been and will be part of our country,” states the Oleksandr Turchynov acting president. These are fighting words tabled at a precarious time in history. The world  has witnessed the Olympic and Paralympic games in Crimea as recently as last week. Does this have anything to do with Putin’s decision to occupy the area? It quite possibly does. He didn’t want the world to witness the atrocities that were occurring in the Ukraine. However, Russia Crimea could be just the beginning. There may be an attack against other nations formerly part of the USSR and current members of the European Union.

CNN quotes Petro Poroshenko, a former foreign minister and Ukrainian Member of Parliament, saying that Ukraine is at the beginning of a very dangerous conflict. He believes they should try to stop the process, and goes on to say that weeks ago, there was a guarantee that nothing would happen in Crimea. There was no military presence on Ukrainian territory, including Crimea. He believes that it is not just the Ukraine that is now threatened.

What happens next is most disconcerting. The Russia Crimea robbery is just the start. Will they invade the rest of Ukraine next? What other E.U. countries might he try to overtake? Perhaps this is a plan to reunite the USSR.

It will be interesting to see what is up Putin’s sleeve. The world may see much more corruption born out of this farce of a referendum. It would be fascinating to see the real referendum votes. What were the real numbers? Apparently most of Crimea was happy to return to Russian rule, but the vote was vastly inflated and not comprehensive. The problem is that it does not matter whether they wanted it or not, in a democratic country a vote is fair and not inflated. In a democratic country the citizens are not afraid to vote a certain way or to demonstrate their contempt for the government. What Putin has done is wrong and it is indeed international theft of a country. So the question remains, what should the world do in response?

Now it seems everyone is in a war of words. President Obama is being criticized for largely overlooking the illegal coup on the Ukrainian government but condoning Putin’s actions in Ukraine. In conversation with Obama, Putin quoted the “Kosovo precedent,” when in 2008, the U.S. and other European states (excluding Russia) recognized the sovereignty of Pristina although it was still part of Serbia.

If politicians are going to argue over who said what and expect consistency in a largely inconsistent world, they are sadly misguided. Why are they bickering about this when there is a superpower out of control? They must seek to understand that the Russia Crimea robbery is just the beginning and a unique circumstance that needs to be dealt with accordingly. The world has learned that sanctions will be enforced. This is a start, but could be dangerous for the American economy and may well incite a much more serious war. Western response should be thought through carefully; it should be measured, tough and swift.

Opinion by Nicole Drawc





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  1. Dan   March 25, 2014 at 10:50 am

    Anybody remember the US response to the attempt to place missiles in Cuba?

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