Seniors Get Hired Help for Love

seniorsSeniors are the growing population looking for love and some are looking to professionals for help. Seniors 60 and older are turning to matchmakers after years of being widowed and alone.

According to AARP the 60 and older crowd are among the highest growing single and dating population. While there are dating sites catering to the 50 and older singles most seniors are not computer savvy and the ones that are, are not accustomed to the nuances of online dating. For some that have tried online dating and failed or never tried, hiring real world help to find love seems to be the most popular choice.

Matchmakers are in demand and although most do not have an age restriction for their clients there are several that exclusively deal with seniors. The senior population is different because they have unique circumstances. For most seniors that are dating, they have not been on a date in decades, because they have been in decade long marriages. In addition, most seniors are settled and enjoying the nest egg they worked so hard for. They become weary of welcoming a stranger in their life for fear that they are setting themselves up to be taken advantage of.

However it seems companionship trumps all when it comes to senior dating. After spending decades with one partner and now due to death or divorce it is disheartening to come home to an empty house or sleep in an empty bed. Most seniors just want companionship; some experts in matchmaking believe this is why it is easier for seniors to find love because their expectations are low when it comes to a partner’s education, appearance and finances. Perhaps at a certain age the requirements are limited to; are you relatively healthy, lucid in your thoughts, and able to have a conversation. In either case seniors are hiring matchmakers to find love because no matter the age, love, companionship and friendship are important.

Hired help for love these days does not come cheap, anyone looking to hire a matchmaker should be prepared to spend anywhere from $2,500 to $7,200 dollars. The cost can include registration fees, monthly fees, and a coupling fee, and there is no senior discount. It is no surprise seniors are turning to matchmakers for help because they are the ones with retirement and nest egg funds available to invest in love, and it is an investment. Some seniors who marry for a second time whether after meeting online or through a matchmaker often ask their new spouse for a prenuptial agreement. It seems paying to find love is ok, but paying to keep love is not.

Being a widow is hard no matter the age, being widowed after decades of marriage is even harder. According to AARP almost 50 percent of adults over 65 are separated, divorced or widowed and all are looking for love. With this large percentage of single seniors it is no wonder they are the fastest growing online dating population. For those skeptical of finding love online all hope is not lost, they can always go the hired help route as long as they have an extra $10,000 to invest.

Opinion By Debra Pittman


The New York Times