Teen Sneaks to Top of One World Trade Center

one world trade centerA 16-year-old teenager was arrested by police after he sneakily climbed 104 floors to the antenna, of the still under construction, One World Trade Center. Police say he bypassed security  and climbed 104 floors to the top of America’s tallest building. He told police he wanted to take nighttime photographs.

Port Authority Police arrested the teenager on the site. The teen managed to evade a security guard posted on the 104th floor. The guard has since been terminated. It was not readily known how the teen had managed to get to the 104th floor without anyone seeing him. Police executed a search warrant on the teen and confiscated his mobile phone and camera. An investigation will continue by Port Authority Police to determine if the teen entered different parts of One World Trade Center. The teen will be charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief. In a statement, the Port Authority said they take security seriously and all violators will be prosecuted. The Port Authority Police said they will reassess their security position at One World Trade Center, and are constantly working to make the site as secure as possible. They failed to address how the teen was able to sneak to the top of the World Trade Center.

The Port Authority has spent millions in their efforts to secure the One World Trade Center site. The new skyscraper is set to open later this year. It replaces the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers that were destroyed in terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

The teenager from Weehawken, New Jersey crawled through a hole in the construction fence that surround’s the One World Trade Center site. He penetrated the security of the grounds at approximately 4am Sunday morning. It has been reported that the security guard on the 104th floor had been asleep. Port Authority police declined to respond to reports that the security guard on the 104th floor was asleep at the time, but did characterize the guard as inattentive. Port Authority police report that they arrested the teenager within two hours of his entering the One World Trade Center site.

Port Authority police told ABC News that the security camera showed a faint glimpse of the teenager as he entered the site near Church Street and Vescey Street in lower Manhattan. They said the teenager was deliberate in his attempt to avoid detection. They characterized his actions as being stealthy. They did say the red light on his camera was continuously blinking and was clearly visible. Authorities said the teen squeezed through a one foot by one foot hole in the fence. Officials said the teen confessed to what he did, and told police he took the stairs to the 20th floor. He then took an elevator to the 99th floor where he eventually reached the 104th floor past the security guard.

The security at the site was believed to be impenetrable. It apparently wasn’t, as this sleuthing teen snuck to the top of One World Trade Center and reached the antenna. Investigations will certainly follow.

By  John J. Poltonowicz


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