The Voice The Battles Round 2 Premiere (Review)

The Voice The Battles Round 2 Premieres (Review)

The Voice The Battles Round 2 Premiere tonight marked the first time in the history of The Voice that there’s been a second Battle Round.  It will be taking the place of the usual Knockout Round. Coldplay frontman Chris Martin will be the sole advisor. The coaches will give each pair of competitors a list of songs, which they must choose from, and select a song that they both agree on. Like in the Knockout Rounds of previous seasons of The Voice, each coach is allowed one more steal.

The host of The Voice, Carson Daly, opened up this episode by saying what the Battles Round 2 will entail. Blake’s team is first, and he has paired Audra  McLaughlin with  Megan Ruger. Audra is a country singer, while Megan is a rocker, so this should be an interesting Battle, indeed. They decided to sing the Miley Cyrus song, “The Climb.”

Blake: “That was really good, but I’ve heard you both sing better than this,” he said during rehearsals.”

Blake compared how they sang to Pat Benatar and Trish Yearwood singing a duet together.  As they sing so differently from each other, this will be a difficult Battle to judge.

Audra and Megan sang very well together, despite their different approaches. They both have very powerful voices, and sang with all of their heart sand souls. The audience clapped along as they sang, and Audra and Megan hugged each other at the end of the song.

Usher: “If I had to give the round to anyone, I’d give it to Audra.”

Shakira: “Audra, you started out a little shaky. Megan, though you were technically accurate, I connected more with Audra.”

Adam: “It will be tough for Blake to make a decision.”

Blake: “Megan, honestly I probably approach my singing much as you do, all out. I know I have to make a decision here — the winner of this Battle is Audra.”

Megan was available to be stolen, but none of the coaches used their steal on her.

After a commercial break, Usher paired Cierra Mickens Vs. T.J. Wilkins. They had three songs to choose from. They decided to sing the ballad, “Get Here.”

T.J. said that he was “starstruck” when he met Chris Martin. Usher said to T.J. that there “were moments of transition” in the song, and that T.J. must allow his voice to fill the room.

Chris told them that they need to “connect with each other” more, and to “sing together as a team.” Usher challenged them to “find that significant thing” that they care about, and use those feelings as they sing the ballad.

Carson said, after the break, that Cierra Mickens and T.J. would get to meet with their families before the Battle. The two competitors said what winning the Battle would mean to them, and also what losing it would mean.

Cierra began the song. She has a sweet, soaring voice. Then, T.J. joined in, and his voice was very melodious. They sounded GREAT together! The audience cheered and clapped at several points as they sang.

Shakira: Cierra, you were unbelievable! T.J., you were phenomenal!”

Adam: “It’s a tough one — this was the best competition yet.”

Blake: “T.J., I just got sucked into that performance. I don’t know what you’re going to do, Usher.”

Usher: “I gotta pick one of you. It’s definitely been an incredible journey. The winner of this Battle — T.J.” He said that he thought t.J. “won it fair and square.”

Will one of the coaches use his/her steal to get Cierra? Apparently not — none of them hit their buttons to steal her.

When The Voice returned from the next commercial break, Team Blake was up again. He matched Jake Worthington Vs. Tess  Boyer. Blake gave them a list of songs to choose from. They chose “Have a Little Faith in Me.” Even in rehearsals, Chris said that they sounded “wonderful,” though Blake mentioned a pitch problem that Jake had.

The night of the Battle, Jake and Tess got to meet with their families. Jake said he’d “like to make his Grandpa proud, and my whole family.”

Carson first introduced Jake Worthington the night of the Battle, then Tess Boyer. Jake began the song, and he sounded AWESOME! His voice was low-pitched, and a bit gravelly. Tess joined in, her voice sounding angelic. They looked into each other’s eyes as they sang, and the audience cheered and clapped as they sang. The audience erupted in applause as they finished singing.

Shakira: “Tess, you are a revelation! You blew us away! Your voice is so powerful, you sang with your heart and soul.”

Adam: “That was like an A Level performance. Blake, I don’t envy you at all.”

Blake: “My liver isn’t gonna make it through this thing. For me, it blows, because I have to sit here and figure out what to do.”

The Voice went to another commercial break. After it was over, Blake was still left with the agonizing decision. He called it a “tie situation,” but he stuck with Jake, and declared him the winner.

That left Tess available to be stolen. Shakira, Usher, and Adam all pushed their buttons to steal Tess! WOW!

The Voice The Battles Round 2 Premieres (Review)

Usher said that he just “can’t wait to be reunited cause it feels so good!”

Shakira: “You are hands down the best female singer here. I really love your voice, and I know that together, we can get to the top.”

Adam: “Usher has abandoned you once. Shakira is obviously very passionate, however I think it would be best if you were on my team.”

Shakira: “I would kill for you, Tess — you have my word!”

Tess: “I’ll have to go with Shakira!”

Adam’s first Battle pair of The Voice was Christina Grimmie Vs.  Sam Behymer.   Christina said that Sam “has a lot of power in the lower range.” Christina and Sam selected the song “Counting Stars.”

Adam said he wanted them to do what they do, but just “be controlled.”

They sounded really terrific during rehearsals, though Chris told Sam “don’t go so far,” and Adam said that “the key lies in singing in the pocket and control.” They need to sing with restraint, but still be enthusiastic.

Sam and Christina, like the other competitors, got to meet with their families before the Battle began.

Carson introduced Christina first, than Sam Behymer. Sam started off the song, then Christina joined in. They sang at a pretty fast pace, and the audience clapped along as they sang. They sounded AMAZING, though the song did sound rushed.  It was a really great battle, perhaps the best of the night so far.

Blake: “”I think I would go with Sam.”

Usher: “They both were really amazing!”

Shakira: “Sam, I still think you’re searching. Christina, I think you displayed a little bit more maturity.”

When Carson asked Adam who the winner of the Battle was, Adam said: “I don’t want to have to decide.” But, he finally said that “The winner of this Battle is — Christina.”

Sam was a fantastic singer, but none of the coaches used their steal to get her on their teams.

Team Shakira was up next after more commercials on The Voice. She paired Patrick Thomson  Vs. Josh Murley.  Patrick said, watching his first Battle, that he saw areas where he could improve on. Josh’s first Battle performance sounded pretty solid, very raspy, but cool.

They chose the Bryan Adam song “Run to You.” Shakira said that the song might be better fitted to Josh’s style of singing, though when Patrick used the prop of the microphone stand, he started singing more all-out, and rocking the song.

Josh: “I’m going to go out there and win this Battle for my mom.”

Then, The Voice went to another commercial break. The Battle between Patrick and Josh should be a good one!

Back from break, Carson introduced Josh Murley first, then Patrick Thomson.They both sounded great, but Josh’s voice was pretty powerful. Patrick matched it pretty closely, though, also rocking the song out. Shakira was really getting into their performance, raising her hand over her head and dancing in her seat.

Adam: “Josh, you showed me more range than I thought you had! You sang the crap out of that one!”

Blake: “Josh, you did a run that I really liked. But, I’d probably go with Patrick.”

Shakira: “I asked you for a big rock star moment, and you gave me that. I have to say that this Battle is evenly matched. Because I need a voice like yours on my team, the winner of this Battle is — Patrick!”

Josh was not stolen by anyone, sadly.

On The Voice, Team Adam was up after the commercial break. The final Battle piar of the night was Delvin Vs.  Josh. They will be singing “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours,” by Stevie Wonder. They both sing with a lot of passion and soul, so this just might be the best Battle of the night.

Adam: “I’m stupid,” he said, to be paring these two great singers together. He’s going to definitely lose one of them — the question is, which one?

Adam said that Josh is “a crooner” and that Delvin has “a monster of a voice.”

Josh and Delvin got to meet with their families, and then The Voice went to yet another commercial break.

Carson introduced Delvin Choice first, then Josh Kaufman. Delvin began the song, then Josh sang the second line of it — what an AMAZING performance these two gave! Everyone in the audience were on their feet the entire song, clapping along.

Both Delvin and Josh were really getting into the song, giving it their all. They electrified the audience, getting a standing ovation from them!

Blake: “Delvin, I like this hairstyle better! You look cool! And, Josh, you’re sexy, too. There was some studly singing in there. I’d probably go with Delvin.”

Usher: “Delvin, you are such a powerful vocalist, and the same for you, Josh.”

Shakira: “Delvin, you surprised us all. I though that Josh had this one. But, because of the shock factor, I’d give this one to Delvin.”

Adam: “Congratulations, guys, because you made this impossible for me. Either way I go, I lose, because I lose a potential winner of this thing. The winner of this Battle is — Delvin.”

Delvin and Josh hugged it out. Josh is available to be stolen — and, Usher hits his button, and uses his one steal to get Josh!

Usher says that “Josh is an asset to my team.” Josh said he knew that Delvin would be tough to beat, and he’s just glad that someone stole him, and he added that “Usher’s great.”

Carson said that “Tomorrow there will be a Battle so epic it’s destined to become an ‘Instant Classic!'” Hyperbole is common on shows like The Voice, but it just might be that Carson is right. Tomorrow’s episode of The Voice should be an interesting one.

What were some of the highlights of tonight’s episode of The Voice? The first Battle or performance of the night is almost always one of the best ones, as it sets the tone for the rest of the show, and the performers seem to strive extra hard to do well, as they know that there will be many other singers who will follow them.

It’s not different tonight on The Voice —  the first Battle, which paired Audra  McLaughlin with  Megan Ruger singing “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus, was one of the episode’s highlights.

The Team Shakira pairing of Patrick Thomson  Vs. Josh Murley was another highlight of The Voice, as these two talented singers with different vocal styles battled it out. Before the Battle, probably most fans of The Voice might have given the nod to Josh to end up the winner; but, Patrick proved that he has a very powerful voice with enough vocal range to take the Battle.

Another highlight would have to be the last Battle of the night on The Voice, between Delvin Choice and Josh Kaufman. Both have such soulful voices, though Josh is more of a crooner. Deciding who the winner of this Battle was, must have been a difficult choice for Adam, though he chose Delvin. With Usher’s steal of Josh, these two might meet up again in a future episode of The Voice — who knows? Please leave your comments below!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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  1. Jason   April 1, 2014 at 11:53 am

    Disappointed Sam lost over Christina. Both are great, but I think this battle should have went to Sam.

  2. Trisha   March 31, 2014 at 10:46 pm

    So true Katie Campbell! Couldn’t have said it better myself girl!!! I picked Josh to win the whole thing after only his audition! I’m crossing my fingers hopin I’m right!!!

  3. katie Campbell   March 31, 2014 at 9:11 pm

    Oh Adam blew it! If history repeats…50% talent 50%likeability and no one is more likable than josh k. Thank u usher..u see “IT”.

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