The Walking Dead Season Four Finale: Who Dies and Who Survives?

The Walking DeadTonight is the night; the much-anticipated season four finale of The Walking Dead is just around the corner, and the big question on everybody’s mind is, who dies and who survives? If all the hype going around is any indication of what is in store for tonight’s finale, then hold on tight because it is sure to be quite a ride.

Andrew Lincoln, also known as, Rick Grimes recently spoke out about The Walking Dead. He referred to last week’s shocking twist as “astonishingly bold.” Lizzie killed her sister Mika, which left Melissa McBride, also known as Carol Peletier with no choice but to kill Lizzie, one of the young girls she had promised to protect.

According to sources, Lincoln went on to say that tonight’s finale will be full of unexpected twists and turns and the episode will end with a huge cliffhanger that will keep fans itching for October when season five is scheduled to air.

However, that will not be the biggest shocker of the night. Lincoln hints that something pivotal is going to happen, something completely brutal and far worse than losing Lori and Judith. What could be worse than losing his wife and daughter? He admits that his car will explode and the level of violence surpasses anything that has been shown on the show to date, but then he stops there before revealing too much.

Speculation and rumors about who will die and who will survive have been swirling about The Walking Dead season four finale for weeks, and Lincoln is not the only one who has been dropping clues. Norman Reedus, also known as Daryl Dixon, has been busy posting some rather unusual pictures on Instagram. Could he be trying to hint at tonight’s outcome?

While there is no way of knowing at this point, it is hard to ignore the grotesque action figure pictures he has been posting on Instagram. In one picture, Tyreese’s head has been ripped off his body and crammed on Michonne’s body and Michonne’s head has been ripped off and is crammed on Tyreese’s body. But Reedus does not stop there, he posted another picture showing newly reunited lovers Glenn and Maggie action figures, in much the same way, with each wearing the wrong head – each other’s.

Instead of being a haven for all who seek shelter, could Terminus really just be the home of some depraved maniac luring survivors to his messed up slaughterhouse of horrors, or are Daryl’s new friends going to be the ones to cause all the trouble? Is Reedus trying to tell fans something or is he just messing around? Only time will tell but judging by what both Lincoln and Reedus have shared, the season four finale is sure to be packed with edge of your seat action.

Lincoln refers to the finale saying, “the thing that happens” in the end will leave everyone to ponder the question, “can we ever come back and can we ever be the same people we once were?”

Could The Walking Dead season four finale really be the end for some of the most beloved characters; who will die and who will survive? Tune in to find out.

Opinion By Donna W. Martin


NY Post