Titanfall Best Loadout and Tips for Getting Started [Video]

Titanfall best loadouts and tips for those getting started

Titanfall is a first-person shooter that has already redefined the world of online multiplayer shooters. The game is taking the world by storm and as such, Titanfall has already come out for the PC and Xbox One but it will be coming out for the Xbox 360 soon. It was recently delayed until April 8 (or April 11 for those in EU).

Seeing as the PC and Xbox One players have had the game for a while, they have the clear advantage. To help even the playing field here are some ideas to help with getting started, controllers layout, weapon loudout, and more.

Getting Started
When playing Titanfall it is important to know what you are up against. In Titanfall you will not only be facing off against real players, but also grunts. These grunts are NPC’s and killing them will shorten the time needed to obtain your titan. If you have trouble differentiating between grunts and pilots try using the tier-2 Minon Detector, as it will always show the location of grunts on your mini map.

Once you get to level 9 you will begin to get burn cards. These cards go away after a single use and lend a boost in one way or another that you can make use of until you die. Try to find the cards that you can make the most use of. If you see an enemy dropship destroy it, you may end up taking out a large portion of your opponents team. For the easiest dropship take downs use your anti-titan weapons (such as the missile launcher).

Don’t forget to experiment with the controller layout as the default may not complement your style of play. Changing your controller layout may help give you that edge necessary to win. One helpful controller layout is Bumper Jumper which changes your jump button to the left bumper so you can easily aim and jump and the same time.

In order to get the best loadout you need to be able to customize your loadout as well as your titan’s loadout. In order to do that you must first hit rank 38. If you haven’t done that yet and are completely fresh to Titanfall you are best starting off with the Assassin class. The Assassin class comes equipped with the Smart Pistol, which auto-targets on enemies when close enough; use it for some kills early on while getting a feel for the game. When that tactic fails switch to the (sidearm) RE-45 Autopistol for a less accurate but faster assault. Use the Tactic ability cloak yourself and hide, this also gives you an opportunity to explore the maps more.

In the beginning you’ll get to pick from three different types of titans, each one plays specifically to a certain play style. Picking the Ogre Titan will set you up with a bulky titan capable of stopping bullets and instantly killing titans (Vortex Shield). The Tactical Ability may take some getting used to, but the payout is worth it. If your titan is going to explode make use of the Nuclear Ejection to escape from your titan as it will explode, hopefully taking out some enemies in the process. Timing is key.

When looking into what mode to start with, consider Hardpoint as it will allow you to provide backup and explore the maps without getting murdered constantly. Stay away from Attrition until you are more experienced unless you want to die a lot.

Hopefully these tips will help you get into the flow of Titanfall. Don’t forget to make full use of your pilots wall jumping and double jumping skills. Experimenting with loadouts and playstyles is one of the most fun elements of Titanfall because so many different options are viable in battle. Feel free to comment your own loadout suggestions.


By Garrett Jutte
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  1. Mauricio   March 25, 2014 at 9:40 am

    Though I do agree with everything on the list, I believe that the C.A.R Smg is superior. Matched with Hcog and Conterweight I’ve been unstoppable while hip firing

  2. Artemis   March 24, 2014 at 7:20 pm

    Please hire a copy editor. Or, just proofread.

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