Titanfall Massive Leak Reveals Maps, Screenshots, Game Modes and More


After NeoGAF user RazorUK revealed details about the upcoming Titanfall, Reddit user FallenFusion offered a massive leak which revealed maps, screenshots, game modes and more information with regard to the game, which will be released on March 11 on Xbox One and PC and on March 25 on Xbox 360. FallenFusion cited “a reliable source pouring me information” when he unveiled pictures and commented on story mode and new features and teased gamers with more explicit photos that can prove he has an ace up his sleeve.

The leaker offered information and images that leave little to imagination and the massive leak reveals maps, screenshots, game modes and more details with regard to Respawn’s upcoming game, Titanfall. The images show nine of the rumored 15 maps that will become available starting next Tuesday, and the Reddit user also offers a peek into what the studio has already revealed, namely a monster which has been shown in promotional materials. However, it remains unclear whether players can interact with the beast or if it is simply part of the game’s background.

The leaker also offered a screenshot with the image players normally see when they have the chance to regenerate. Titanfall’s levelling system called “Generations” allows players who have reached the maximum level to reset back, and although all weapons and upgraded unlocked will be lost, gamers will be allowed to keep their Burn Cards.

This way, players can become second-generation pilots and have ten generations to complete. While they earn experience ten percent faster than normal, it appears that the rate boosts for future generations. If the image provided is authentic, second generation pilots will earn a 110 percent experience boost.

Titanfall massive leak reveals maps, screenshots, game modes and more details that can give gamers a hint regarding what to expect on March 11. The maps seem to be Colony, Lagoon, Demeter, Outpost 207, Airbase, Nexus, RelicĀ and Fracture, and rumor has it that some of them will use heavy turrets that can take down not ony Titans, but also soldiers. They have “a considerable range of motion and excellent target tracking systems,” and although these turrets can only be destroyed by more than one Titan, they can also be hacked in order to change sides.

Ziplines will help players travel around fast and they work both ways, but one important detail refers to Titanfall’s fifth option, namely Pilot Hunter. In this mode, every pilot killed is worth one point and although taking down AI opponents is worth nothing in terms of points, it will speed up the period in which the player can replace Titans.

Although FallenFusionĀ mentioned that he does not want to spoil story details, he did state that there are nine campaign matches and gamers can play from both sides, namely IMC and Militia. Each match reportedly contains five Attrition and four Hardpoint games and, according to the leaker, “there are some surprises which will keep things different from the traditional multiplayer experience.”

Polygon has contacted developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts, but no comment with regard to the leak has been offered yet. Titanfall, the game due on March 11 on PC and Xbox One and on March 25 on Xbox 360, has suffered a massive leak which revealed maps, screenshots, game modes and more information that offers gamers a peek into Respawn’s upcoming game.

By Gabriela Motroc





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