Xbox One Update Failed to Fix Crucial Problems

Xbox OneThe recent Xbox One update has failed to fix some crucial problems and complaints, and they could push Microsoft further away from rival Sony. The Playstation 4 continues to dominate the games console sales, with a reported six million consoles now sold since its release at the end of 2013.

Microsoft needs to do something to pull gamers back, and it is reportedly going to do that by adding Twitch from March 11. This update coincides with the release of Titanfall, a hopefully popular sci-fi shooting game. Twitch will allow users to stream games live and save their game footage to be able to watch it at a later date. It is the first time that Xbox One users will be able to live stream their games.

According to Emmett Shear, CEO for Twitch, the update will also allow gamers to broadcast their current gaming through their Kinect camera. This is something that was previously only available through the Playstation 4 and has had some negative outcomes. Up until now, Xbox fans have been able to upload their recorded games and watch others’ footage through Twitch.

Twitch was only founded in 2011 and already has over a million broadcasters on a monthly basis, and has more traffic than sites like Amazon and Hulu. However, Yusuf Mehdi from Microsoft’s Xbox said that Twitch was too limiting. The only reason he has reconsidered the move is due to the popularity and requests from other gamers.

However, there are still crucial problems for the Xbox One that the recent update has failed to fix. Many customers want to see these problems fixed before new features are added, and it could be these problems that have led to Sony’s domination in the gaming market.

One annoying issue for Xbox Live fans is that the new flagship console does not have a pop-up to say when people have logged in. However, the developers have made one change. Party Chat will automatically be turned on when people start parties with their friends. According to Microsoft, the update will eventually be added.

There is no local media playback available yet. This causes problems for those who want to watch digital copies of their movies or to play music in the background. While that may seem like a small issue for non-Xbox 360 fans, it was widely used and customers want it back. It also suggests that the Xbox One is not yet that “all-in-one entertainment device” the company promised it would be.

Automatically signing into Xbox Live is possible, but only through one method. This uses the Kinect camera and facial recognition. While it seems like a high-tech move, there are some limitations including customers finding that their faces are not recognized when wearing hats or facial hair. The Xbox 360 allowed customers to set their device to automatically sign in, and there was never the need for the Kinect to do that. This is something that many customers want.

Many of these are crucial problems for Microsoft. If the developers do not add them in the next update, it could lead to rival Sony gain more customers. People want to see some of their favorite capabilities from the 360 on the new device, but have been crucial problems that the latest update for the Xbox One has still failed to fix.

By Alexandria Ingham


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